Macaronis Resort has donated $300 to Waves for Water; surfers helping those who have been devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. DJ Struntz who visited Macas Resort with Globe this year is on location in Philippines assisting and we wish him and the people of the Philippines the very best and a speedy recovery in rebuilding.

For anyone keen on making a donation, every dollar counts and the process is very simple, visit this link to make a donation:

Macaronis Resort has also donated $400 to Shelterbox to assist those desperately in need in the Philippines. Shelterbox has been set up in the area previously struck by the recent earthquake in Bohol, so are logistically tuned in and have made a very positive impact. Shelterbox works with Rotary International distributing life saving kits containing necessities for survival. Take a few moments to donate to help those desperately in need of these basic necessities for survival, every $ counts and time is critical. Visit Shelterbox for more

The world has shared the frustration of aid workers facing the difficulties of getting help across those last few miles to storm-crushed areas of the Philippines. Today the last hurdles are being overcome, and ShelterBoxes will be on their way to provide hope to these devastated families.

ShelterBox Chief Executive Alison Wallace spoke to BBC World News today about how ShelterBox is helping the families affected by Typhoon Haiyan. A ShelterBox disaster relief tent was also pitched outside BBC’s Broadcasting House, raising valuable awareness of our work.

Alison says, ‘This is the phase we have all been working towards. The toughest journey for any relief operation is always the last few miles into the disaster zone itself.’

You can watch the World News video on the BBC website, where Alison Wallace explains the contents of a ShelterBox –