Non Stop Swells During June 2019

June at Macaronis was filled with non-stop swells! All of our guests had dreamy sessions and enjoyed the perfection that is Macaronis! Our guests couldn’t believe the non-stop waves, it truly was an incredible month!
Film & Edit by Mick Andrew and Jordan Godley.

Girls Ripping Late May & Early June 2019

Late May and early June were a blast here at Macaronis! The waves were non-stop and our guests had the sessions of their lives! The ladies were ripping it up, with fun sessions at Mini Macas shown toward the end of this Clip. Film Julius Wau Wau & Watas. Edit GnG Photography/videography

Ryan & Leigh Bisset Scored on their 8D / 7N Trip in June 2019

This is a clip from Ryan and Leigh that was shared to our Facebook page, so we thought we’d post it here to show everybody how many perfect waves can be scored in just 1 week! These guys have visited a few times, can see why they keep coming back, thanks for sharing Ryan and Leigh!

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    Perfect Roxies & Vans Team Light up Macas, Late May / Early June 2019

Perfect Roxies & Vans Team Light up Macas, Late May / Early June 2019

Late May / Early June 2019, perfect Roxies & Vans Team Light up Macas. Taj, Dane, Goodall, Coleburn, Bryant & Co, put a bunch of Pros together at rippable fun sized Macas & this is what you get.

The Best Surf Resort in the World – Macaronis Mentawai Surf Resort is Located in the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra Indonesia at the worlds funnest left, Macaronis. […]