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New Twin Yamaha 250 hp for Surfalot & C-band 2Mbps Internet Connection

A couple of major upgrades at Macaronis Resort! We've just installed new twin Yamaha 250 hp V6 4.2L outboard engines on Surfalot and we've also just installed a new Vsat C-band 2Mbps dedicated internet connection. The 1.8m dish is so far working great, soon to be upgraded to 2.4m dish, expected to provide even better results! We're stoked to now have the unrivaled reliability of Yamaha and C-band internet.      

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Sylvi’s World at Macaronis Resort

Sylvi Bodi, Hungarian Model, Mermaid & Ocean lover visited Macaronis Resort in 2018, scored epic waves and had an absolute blast. Check out the full video of Sylvi's adventure from Bali to Macaronis Resort, showing some amazing scenery, local villages, fast ferry transport, and of course epic waves! Thank you to Peter Hoke and Sylvi Bodi for the amazing production.

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Macaronis Resort Donates USD 750.00 toward Sulewasi 7.5 Earthquake & Tsunami

CLICK FOR MERCY CORPS RELIEF EFFORT UPDATE Macaronis Resort has donated USD 750.00 toward Mercy Corps & Mercy Corps Indonesia to assist in humanitarian efforts being undertaken in the wake of a tragic earthquake and tsunami which occurred in Sulewasi last Friday 28th September. Mercy Corps provided humanitarian assistance after the Oct 25, year 2010 earthquake, followed by a tsunami which severely affected Macaronis Resort & surrounding villages. If anybody would like to donate, we highly recommend Mercy Corps, established in 1979, who currently have their representatives on the ground in the effected regions of Palu and Donggala helping families and children suffering in this desperate time of need. Our prayers go out to those affected. Please follow the link if you would like to donate. Having been there before, we know every little bit counts, thank you! MERCY CORPS Dear Macaronis, Thank you for your gift of USD 772.50 to Mercy Corps! Your generous donation to the Humanitarian Response Fund will help people facing the world's toughest challenges survive and recover from emergencies, improve their communities and build stronger futures. Thanks to you, today will bring renewed hope to so many families in need. I hope you feel proud, because you have made a real difference. We are so grateful for your partnership in working toward a better world. If you would you like to double the impact of your gift, click here to see if your employer can match your donation. You can also keep tabs on how your support is making a difference: Check out the Mercy Corps website, become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us [...]

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Swellnet Article – Surf Coaching Clinics Jan & Feb 2018

Here is last years article by Swellnet featuring our January ad February Year 2018 Surf Coaching Clinics. Get in touch if you would like to join us in paradise in Jan or Feb 2019, to enjoy low crowds and perfect waves, while quickly improving your surfing skills, technique and knowledge of equipment, with a wide range of Firewire Surfboards and fins to test out what works best for you. 

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Wollongong University Reseach Team – Fin Design at Macaronis

University of Wollongong Research Trip Professor Marc in het Panhuis and a team from the University of Wollongong visited Macaronis in May to conduct research and development testing on new designs for surfboard fins. They took 6 surfers and 3 researchers to test a range of new University of Wollongong designed 3D printed surfboard fins and compare them with commercially available surf fins (from 2 main stream producers). They tested 3 different prototype fins that were 3D printed, with some of them having design features similar in appearance to “crinkle cut crisps”. They refer to the fins as crinkle cut fins. The main outcome of the study is that the University of Wollongong team designed and manufactured fins that surfers really like. These fins have design features similar in appearance to crinkle cut crisps. The data surprised the researchers as the majority of surfers preferred these crinkle cut fins over the other prototypes and commercial fins. The team did not expect that there would be overall agreement as the surfers varied in style (goofy vs. natural), age (20s to late 30s), height (5’8” to 6’5”) and weight (65 kg to 100 kg). The research team came to the Macaronis Ocean Laboratory to validate the designs of their fins and compare their performance to commercial fins. The designs were developed using a performance-feedback loop that involves a unique combination of computational fluid dynamics, computer aided design, 3D printing, Internet-of-Things (cloud-based data processing), and surfers’ feedback from surfing waves. Macaronis Ocean Laboratory The Macaronis wave or “Macaronis Ocean Laboratory” as the research team call it was carefully selected as they needed a mechanical wave that consistently breaks on most swells, tides and under most wind conditions. An [...]

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Padang Airport To Macaronis Resort – Round Trip Transfers

How Much Does it Cost & What are the Transfer Package Inclusions? Previously when using the overnight ferry, surfer transfers were charged AU $400 (return), and non-surfers and children charged AU $350 (not carrying board bags) for the round-trip transfer. Macaronis Resort has now upgraded to offering transfers aboard the 200+ seat Mentawai Fast taking just 4.5 hours. To offer this service we have had to raise our prices by AU $50.00; surfer round trip transfers are now charged AU $450 and Non-surfers AU $400 (return). Click To View: Mentawai Fast DIRECT Route Map Here is the cost breakdown of what a regular Round-trip transfers includes: Airport pick-up + Boards/luggage (return): Rp.200.000 - AU $20.00 X 2 = AU $40 Hotel - Harbor + Boards/luggage (return): Rp.200.000 - AU $20.00 X 2 = AU $40 Mentawai Fast (via Sikakap Port): ticket Rp.370.000 - AU $37.00 X 2 = AU $74 (see note below) Speedboat Transfer Guest & Surfboards Sikakap - Macaronis, 1 hour: AU $125.00 X 2 = AU $250 Mentawai Fast Freight of Surf Board Bags Rp.230.000 - AU $23.00 X 2 = AU $46 (as per website) Total: AU $450.00 (AU $225.00 each way for a surfer) We must also pay for ground handing staff including guide, and handling any logistics issues encountered, this is our assurance to you of us organizing your transfers. Mentawai Fast route to Sikakap costs Rp.370.000 per ticket, slightly more than other routes between Padang and other Mentawai ports because it is further, 110 miles compared to 80 miles to Tuapejat.  

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Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinic Blog

The Venue Pasangan Bay, home to Macaronis, is one of the most outstanding locations to host an intermediate surf coaching clinic in the world. Macaronis left is a 200 meter long, skate ramp like setup that breaks with such consistent quality. A surfer can execute 10 to 12 turns on a wave at Macaronis and each section is very similar to the next. Repetitive bowling sections allows a surfer to practice a bottom and top turn combination multiple times on one wave. Macaronis also offers multiple barrel sections providing a perfect venue for surfers to work on their tube riding skills. Up to overhead plus, Macaronis offers an opportunity for intermediate surfers to hone their skills in one of the most perfect and consistent waves in the world. Over this size, Macaronis is a more challenging wave for those on the upper end of the intermediate level to practice steeper drops, and hollow waves to fine tune barrel riding and a top to bottom bowl that provides the perfect wave for critical top turns under the lip. Pasangan Bay offers a range of additional waves that are all high quality in the right conditions. Mini Macas is little brother to Macaronis, but when the swell is maxing at Macaronis, offers a bowling left hander with a significant length of ride. Outside Macaronis Right offers a powerful, though shifty, deep water reef break that offers superb waves on its day. Inside Macaronis Right is an intense hollow tubing wave that gets the adrenaline pumping and is similar to the more famous Rags Right. Students that are at the higher end of the intermediate level and those wishing to challenge themselves will have the opportunity to surf [...]

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February Highlights – Uncrowded Perfection!!!

February had some outstanding highlights. A lot of fun medium surf days with light winds and classic Mentawai glass mixed in with some solid, classic days at Greenbush and Macaronis. The crowd factor is never an issue at this time of year. Here are a couple more shots of February 2018, such an epic time to visit!!  

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Intermediate Surf Clinic Jan 27 – Feb 05, 2018 – Week 2

Macaronis Resort hosts Intermediate, Elite, Holistic and all Women Surf Clinics at different times of the year. The next Intermediate Surf Clinic is planned to be late Sat Jan 19 - Mon Feb 18 (4 weeks), year 2019. Refer to our website for trip dates and availability. The package includes professional surf coaching, surf and lifestyle photography and regular trip inclusions. This represents great value in the uncrowded season of January and February, where the waves are still perfect!!

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Intermediate Surf Clinic Year Jan 20 – 29, 2018 – Week 1

Macaronis Resort hosts Intermediate, Elite, Holistic and all Women Surf Clinics at different times of the year. The next Intermediate Surf Clinic is planned to be late Sat Jan 19 - Mon Feb 18 (4 weeks), year 2019. Refer to our website for trip dates and availability. The package includes professional surf coaching, surf and lifestyle photography and regular trip inclusions, This represents great value in the uncrowded season of January and February, where the waves are still perfect!!

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Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinic Jan 20 – Feb 05 (2 X 1 Week Clinics)

Macaronis Resort in partnership with Clayton Surf Coaching and Shayne Nienaber Photography is hosting an Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinic as featured on Swellnet, commencing Sat January 20th and concluding Mon February 5th, 2018 (two 1 week clinics). Recently released Podcast 8th Dec 2017, Interview with surf coach Clayton Nienaber  For further info, view our dedicated page: Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinic

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Yago Dora & Crew Score Thick Pits @ Greenbush, pumping Macas & fun Roxies

Yago Dora, Pedro Barros & Crew recently stayed with us, it was a pleasure to host you guys, we look forward to seeing you again! "It was a family vibe kinda trip, I had my dad, Leandro Dora, Pedro Barros and his dad André, and Léo Kakinho who's also a very good friend of us and one legend of skateboarding in Brazil. We spent 9 days on the Macaronis Resort which is really nice, and we were lucky enough to score Green Bush for my first time ever… together with fun Macas and Roxys. We all had one of the best trips of our lives, surf all day long, and we got very sunburnt. - Yago Dora

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Macaronis Resort Featured in Carve Magazine

Macaronis Resort featured in Carve Magazine's travel guide in the UK, and in the Aug / Sep hard copy edition. This feature shot is of Jimmy Tomblin, visitor in July 2017. What a pumping day of waves that was! View the Feature here:

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