Mentawai Islands Surf Overview

Macaronis is visited annually by pro surfers, shapers, photographers, and frothers alike. There is no doubt Macaronis is one of the best waves on the planet. Although perfect Macaronis is what most people come to surf, there are many other waves to choose from including some perfect alternatives for new to intermediate surfers. At Macaronis Resort, surfers of all levels can find exactly what they are looking for in Mentawai Islands surf.

Seasons & Swell

During peak season, you will most likely witness several predominant swells come and go. As the swell rises, Macaronis grows from medium size (fun for everybody), and gradually becomes more intense suiting those surfers with a little more experience.

On large swells, people are more likely to spread out surfing different local breaks, while the more experienced surfers get their share of barrels at Macaronis or Greenbush. Greenbush works best in South swells 180 – 200 degrees, which are generated by low pressure systems hitting the West coast of Australia, with swell refracting in a North direction, more common in summer months or early season. Macaronis works in any S-SW swell direction; it is more of a barrel during South swells, and with swells @ 200 – 210 degrees it gains its reputation of being akin to a skate park, rippable long workable walls with various barrel sections.

During Southern hemisphere winter months Macaronis can be surfed almost every day, and during summer months Macaronis remains consistent; 3 – 6 feet is perhaps the ideal swell size. Pasongan Bay has options for all levels of surfers, even for absolute beginners who have never surfed before! Fish Fingers is the perfect wave for learning to surf on our soft top surf boards, breaking just 150m away from the resort entrance, and Mini Macas is a Gem for the kids and somebody seeking a mellow fun left, if Macas is over 3-4 feet.

In summer months when there are not many charters operating, we can visit a larger variety of waves in the Southern region including Roxies (likes West swell) and Thunders, which is a swell magnet and works best in small long period swells (ie. 1.2m @ 15 sec and above).

Macaronis Surf Report and Forecast – Magic Seaweed
Wave Overview

There are a number waves within close proximity to the resort. Macaronis is a perfect, consistent left hand wave that works on all tides, big and small swells, and most wind conditions. There is a fun right hand beach break ideal for beginners out front and several intermediate reef breaks in the area, as well as a few serious reef breaks that serve up the deepest, longest, hair raising barrels you could imagine.

Macaronis is unique; From 2-3 feet, it is a perfect very fun wave peeling over flat coral reef; good for anybody that is able to get to their feet and go across the face. For the average surfer, Macaronis provides the opportunity to improve your surfing quickly and lift your confidence in the water. At 3-4 feet, Macas becomes more challenging and starts to barrel from the take off, offering more power and lip for doing maneuvers and getting barreled. Over 6 feet, it becomes a dredging tube from take off. When Macas gets to this size, fortunately some of the other waves turn on, offering an alternative for those who prefer to surf something a bit more mellow.

Macas Right is a great option for the Natural Footers in North winds and with a South swell, if choosing not to tackle Macas or Greenbush. Choose between the outside section which is long and wally with the occasional barrel section, or the inside section which breaks over shallow bottom with dredging tubes, only surfed on the highest tides.

Silabu Left is ideal for those who want clean waves on their own, great for building confidence and fitness. For the beginners; on the inside of the bay is Fish Fingers, which is a safe breaking right hander over a shallow sand bottom, and Mini Macas is another safe and super fun left hander breaking over coral, just down the reef from Macas main break.

There is also a bommy peak in the middle of the bay that can be surfed on a stand up paddle board or longboard, which can be fun for those after something a little different on a big swell. View Waves

Peak Season

During peak season, while there can be a lot of charter boats around and while tourism regulations are in place at Macaronis, we normally limit our operational range from Greenbush to Bat Cave, to avoid over-crowding the southern breaks, and prioritizing surfing more locally. In shoulder and summer months, as there are far fewer charter boats around, this allows us to move around surfing a wider variety of waves.

“Bat Cave” wave is a fun right hander that breaks around a beautiful isolated island. The area has great fishing and snorkeling opportunities too, so its often great to make a morning or afternoon of it.

Lances Right and Lances Left to the north on South Sipora are approximately 33 miles (1 hour) by speedboat in good weather. To access these waves, you need to cross the Sipora Straight which can get rough, especially in West weather conditions. Macas, Greenbush, and a host of other quality waves in the South within our range work in the same conditions as Lances Left, and HT’s prefers West wind, therefore we do not regularly visit these waves for this reason.

Macas TV – Live Surf Feed to Your Room

The resort has a live camera feed of the surf at Macaronis at all hours. All you have to do is flip on your in-room flat screen to get a closer look at the conditions and line up. The Bar & Restaurant TV usually has Macas TV on during the day as well, so you can have a look while eating and know exactly what the conditions are like at the wave. You might even catch your mate getting barreled as you roll over in bed from an afternoon nap!

Local Tip

Keep a watchful eye on the line up, you may find only a couple of people surfing it to themselves around midday. Also keep a look out for storms passing by, the waves may become choppy and wind affected for 15 – 45 minutes as they hit, but once everybody gets out of the water there will probably only be a couple of surfers left sharing the off-shore conditions that follow.

Photo & Video Service

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of photo and video packages, Macaronis Resort has engaged with some of the best freelance surf videographers and photographers that can capture your surf sessions and other activities during your stay. Organise a private surf-photography session, or capture your waves from a birds-eye view by professional drone operator. Your family can have a professional video produced, allowing you to re-live your favorite moments back home with your friends. See pricing below.

Photo and video Package Pricing:

4 day package – Rp 2,000,000
7 day package – Rp 3,000,000
10 day package – Rp 4,000,000
14 day package – Rp 5,000,000

Custom video edits can be provided starting from Rp 1,000,000 per guest.

Photo & Video service charges are added to guest bar bills and are paid on checkout with Visa / Mastercard or Indonesian Rupiah.


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Forecasts and Tides

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Forecasts and Tides

I have no words to describe the feeling of this empty perfection! Simply Epic! Thanks, Macaronis, you touched my heart 


Wave Maps

Southern Mentawai Wave Map

The wave map above of all the Southern Mentawai Breaks. Surf spots shown include: Bat Cave, Silabu Left, Fish Fingers, Mini Macas, Macas Right, Macaronis, Bung’oles, Greenbush, Roxies, Rag Left, Rags Right, Thunders, and Rednuht.

Hand Drawn Macaronis Wave Map
Macaronis Bay by Guy Hastings. Map shows Silabu Left on the right of the picture, Macaronis and Mini Macas on the left of the picture and Macas Right in the middle, on the other side of the bay.