Macaronis Marine Operation

Our recently purchased 11.5 meter x 3.5 meter aluminum power Cat, is powered by Twin 300 hp outboard engines and can carry 20 passengers with surf boards and luggage, ideal for guest transfers to and from surrounding ports, dive and surf expeditions, and as a safeguard to provide emergency evacuation.  This vessel is exceptionally stable due to its twin hull design (recently we’ve completed the import process into Indonesia, operable from late September 2018).

The Ultimate Surf , Dive & Explore Vessel

Plenty of seating & grab rails for Comfy travel

Luggage is stowed in the bow, below deck and roof racks are being installed for surfboards. The roof and bow are spacious spots to relax, providing great vantage points for photography. The rear ladder angled at 30 degrees when lowered makes it easy to step on board from the water!

Macaronis Resort also operates ten smaller speedboats that rotate keeping up maintenance work, always carrying radios and other safety equipment, as well as spare fuel and parts at all times. Marine operations are taken seriously to ensure safety and comfort for all guests.

Veteran Boat Driver, Hendrik

Hendrik Veteran Boat Driver

Guests Headed Out on the Runabout

Guest Trip

1 Ramco Runabout

Ramco Runabout

Used for guest transfers, excursions, & extended Mentawai islands surfing missions.

  • A 7m solid plate aluminum runabout built by Ramco, New Zealand
  • Powered by twin Yamaha 2-stoke 85hp outboard engines

3 Long Boats

Macaronis Resort Speedboat

Used for short hauls to Sikakap and carrying supplies.

  • One 12m longboat powered by twin 40hp Yamaha engines, used mainly for carrying supplies.
  • Two 14m longboat powered by twin 80hp Yamaha engines, built for guest transfers & traveling to other breaks besides Macas (plus 3 spare 80hp Yamaha outboard engines).
  • These boats are great for cutting through swell, are well shaded and can carry a heavy load.

6 Aluminum Quintrex

Quintrex Explorer

Used for accessing the local breaks around Macaronis.

  • Two 4.2m Aluminum Quintrex Top Ender with hand rails and foot platform for easy climbing into boat. Powered by a 40hp Yamaha Outboard Engine
  • Two 3.9m Aluminum Quintrex Explorer ideal for accessing local breaks in comfort with stability. Powered by a 15hp Yamaha Outboard Engine
  • Two 3.5m Aluminum Quintrex Traveler also used for short trips to the surf. Powered by a 15hp Yamaha Outboard Engine