Membership Offer

For those planning to visit regularly or come for an extended stay, there are limited positions to buy 28 nights at 50% off the surfer package visiting at any time of the year. Membership entitlements can be shared with family or friends travelling with you, or if visiting at a different time. Memberships must be paid in full at the time of subscription.

Surf Membership Mentawai

Macaronis Resort - Mentawai

Membership Details

Availability: As of 30/11/21, there are 4 memberships remaining to be taken up in 2021.

Entitlement: 29 days / 28 Nights 50% Off Surfer Package staying in a private suite room (or twin-share if bringing along a guest), with complimentary Macaronis drink flask, t-shirt, and trucker cap included.

Single Membership Price: USD 5,250 (paid in advance at the time of subscription). That’s 50% off the surfer package in a private room!

Double Membership Price (two surfers / one room): USD 7,980 (also paid in advance). That’s 50% off the surfer package in a twin room!

Enquire to  [email protected]

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Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Full payment is due at the time of subscription (50% Off surfer package; private or twin share).
  • 5 Single or Double Memberships are available annually – please inquire for availability.
  • Memberships are valid for 3-years from the date of subscription.
  • Entitlements can be transferred to family and friends (visiting with you, or at different times).
  • A Single Member may also share the room with a full paying guest USD 95/Night for a Non-surfer or USD 195/Night for a Surfer.
  • Memberships do not include airport – resort – airport transfers or surf tax.
  • Each membership provides 4 weeks accommodation package staying in a private or twin share room.
  • Memberships are non-redeemable / non-refundable.
  • Clause 1 & 4 – 15 of Macaronis Resort Terms & Conditions are also applicable to Member bookings.