Travel Insurance

Rainbow Indonesia

What is Required

• Comprehensive Travel Insurance is Compulsory

Any changes made to your booking less than 90 days before commencement will result in a change fee (See Clause 4). We highly recommend travel insurance be taken out 3 months before booking commencement in case there is a need to reschedule your booking (Eg. family emergency).

For the safety of our guests and readiness of our staff :

• Each guest must have travel insurance that covers surfing & medical evacuation
• A printed copy of travel insurance certificate including an emergency contact phone number & policy identification details must be brought with you to the resort.

Emergency Evacuation Details

Emergency evacuation is not included and must be organized by a 3rd party insurance provider. All guests of Macaronis Resort must have medical evacuation insurance coverage in order to visit and more importantly to be evacuated in the case of an emergency.

Resort management will assist in coordinating with your travel insurance provider to get the needed assistance. Macaronis Resort is not responsible for emergency evacuation availability or costs; this is agreed upon by all guests in the Terms and Conditions of Booking which all guests must agree to before visiting.

If you have questions or concerns please email us: