Arranged Airport – Resort Return Transfer

Macaronis Resort arranges easy and comfortable return transfers from PDG airport to the resort and back. Guests will need to arrange only their flight into Padang, Sumatra Airport (PDG). Guests will be picked up at the airport (no matter when they arrive) and shuttled to the ferry headed for the Mentawai Islands or to a hotel in Padang.

Guests will have a private A/C sleeping cabin on the overnight ferry as well as meal, and clean sheets and blankets. The ferry is the safest, most reliable way to get to the resort. We guarantee it! You won’t have to worry about a thing, it is all taken care of for you. See more details below…

Padang PDG Airport

1. Fly into Padang, Sumatra (PDG)

Macaronis Airport Shuttle

2. Pick-up & Shuttle to Ferry

Ambu Ambu Ferry to Mentawai

3. Overnight Ferry to Mentawais

Macaronis Resort Speedboat

4. Speed Boat to Resort

Round Trip Transfer to Macaronis Resort Includes

  • Airport Pick-up (Arrive PDG no later than 2:00pm on Tuesday or Saturday)
  • Early Arrivals Spend Transit Time at Nice Padang Hotel with wifi & pool
  • Shuttle (with A/C) to Ambu Ambu Ferry, Bungus Harbor (1 hr)
  • Ambu Ambu Overnight Ferry (14hrs, Departs at 5:00pm)
  • All Port Handling and Fees for Luggage & Board Bags
  • Evening Meal & Bottled Water
  • A/C Sleeping Cabin with Clean Blankets (share with other resort guests
    or private, 2-4 max guests/cabin)
  • Resort Staff Accompaniment on the Overnight Ferry
  • Pick-up in Sikakap Port, Mentawai (7:30am the following morning)
  • Speedboat Transfer to Macaronis Resort (1:30 hr, Arriving 9:00am)
  • Booking Arrangements and All Needed Transport from Padang Hotels

Round Trip Transfer Rates

Guest with Surfboards: AU $400
Guest without Surfboards: AU $300

Extra time in Padang between flights and ferry rides are spent at choice hotels with Wifi. Extra time in the afternoon is spent pool-side with the option to purchase beverages and shower, while extra time in the morning is spent with access to a large breakfast buffet and a relaxing lounge with Wifi.

Return to Padang Transfer Details

Check out time on Wednesdays and Sundays is at 10:00am. The speedboat will depart the resort at 2:00pm for transfer to the ferry in Sikakap. The ferry departs Sikakap at 5:00pm for its return to Padang. The ferry arrives back to Padang, the following morning at 7:00AM.

Guests with earlier flights may be transferred directly to the airport if preferred.  Guests with transit time before their flight are taken to Mercure Hotel to enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet for Rp.105.000 (approx. AU $10.00) and access to pool, wifi, shower and lounge. Our driver will schedule pick-up times with each guest for transfer to the airport.

Rough Seas Alternate Transport from Local Ferry Port to Resort

If the sea/weather conditions are deemed too dangerous for the speedboat transfer between the local ferry port and the resort, we will organize alternative overland transport. Each guest will ride on the back of a motorbike taxi with an experienced local driver. The route travels through beautiful jungle and small villages. Each guest should bring a small bag with important personal belongings, while all other luggage will still be transported by boat. This applies to both arrivals and departures if necessary.

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Ferry Schedule

Ambu Ambu Ferry Schedule: Padang, Sumatra – Sikakap, South Mentawai

The Ambu Ambu ferry runs a round-trip route between Padang and Sikakap (South Mentawai) twice per week. The ferry departs at 5:00pm from both ports for a 14 hour over-night passage arriving at 7:00am the following morning.

  • Ferry Departs Padang at 5:00pm on Tuesdays & Saturdays arriving at 7:00am the following morning on Wednesday or Sunday in Sikakap, Mentawai

  • Ferry Departs Sikakap (Mentawai) at 5:00pm on Wednesdays & Sundays arriving at 7:00am the following morning on Thursday or Monday in Padang

Resort Check-in and Check-out days are on Sundays and Wednesdays, when the ferry arrives and leaves Sikakap, Mentawai.

Arriving Guests must arrive to Padang before 2:00pm on chosen Tuesday or Saturday departure day, which is a day before resort check-in/check-out to make the 5:00pm Padang ferry for the over-night passage. Guests will arrive at in Mentawai at 7:00am the following morning and check-in to the resort that morning on either a Wednesday or Sunday.

Departing Guests will check-out of the resort on Wednesday or Sunday at 10:00am and after lunch at 2:00pm will be transferred by Speedboat to Sikakap to take the 5:00pm overnight ferry back to Padang arriving on Thursday or Monday morning by 7:00am. Departing flights should depart no earlier than 11:30am.

Transportation to the Mentawais is comfortable and fun on the Ambu Ambu Ferry!

The large, well-maintained Ambu Ambu Ferry has private A/C sleeping cabins that are clean and comfortable allowing most guests to get a full nights rest. Taking the over-night Ambu Ambu ferry allows an extra day of surfing and most are pleasantly surprised, finding the trip over to be an enjoyable social and cultural experience.

Ambu Ambu Ferry Information

The Ambu Ambu Passenger Ferry is operated by ASDP Ferry Indonesia

Macaronis Resort has been using this ferry service since 2007 and we’ve found it to be most reliable. The Ambu Ambu Ferry must achieve at least 95% reliability otherwise it would not be subsidized by the Indonesian Government according to its operational contract. It is required to operate minimum 90 return trips to Sikakap annually (port closest to Macaronis) over 48 weeks of the year.

Ambu Ambu Ferry has twin and quad share air-conditioned cabins available for overnight passengers. Macaronis Resort has first-priority booking these cabins on the Padang–Sikakap route. The ferry also has a canteen serving cold drinks, cold beer, snacks, tea, and coffee.

Ferry Specs

Total Certified Crew: 21
Main Engines: 2
Back up Engines: 2
Twin Share air-conditioned cabins: 5
Quad Share air-conditioned cabins: 4
Air-conditioned Private Lounge: 60+ Reclining Seats
Safety Equipment: International Standard Life Rafts, Life Jackets, Fire Fighting Equipment, Interior Sprinklers, and Marine Communications Safety Devices.

Private Group Speedboat Transfer from Padang

Third party private speedboat transfer can be arranged through Padang booking agent, Rudi Khelces:

Speedboat crossings take a minimum 6 hours and are largely dependent on weather conditions. Macaronis Resort does not guarantee, arrange, or encourage speedboat transfer. The resort is not held responsible for late arrivals or departures on private transportation due to break-down and weather conditions, which is often the case. If departing the resort and private transportation does not arrive or is unable to travel, guests are not guaranteed a guest room and are held responsible for all extra costs.

The price is normally around AU $3,000 for a one-way transfer.

Charter Boat Combination Trips

You can plan your stay at Macaronis Resort in combination with a charter boat trip and be picked up or dropped off at the resort via charter boat. Guests must check-in and check-out to/from the resort on Wednesday or Sunday. Trips in combination with surf charter boats are at the discretion of the charter provider, and are highly dependent on planned route and itinerary of the boat charter. Please inquire with your charter provider for more information.

Guests who need only one-way transfer to or from Padang will pay half the transfer fee: AU $200 for Surfer and AU $150 for Non-Surfer.

Speed Boat Hire Between Macaronis & Other Mentawai Surf Camp, Ports or Resorts

For Speedboat hire between Macaronis Resort and other Mentawai surf camp, ports or resorts, please contact Rudi Khelces: / PH: +628126640941

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