How Much Does it Cost & What are the Transfer Package Inclusions?

Previously when using the overnight ferry, surfer transfers were charged AU $400 (return), and non-surfers and children charged AU $350 (not carrying board bags) for the round-trip transfer.

Macaronis Resort has now upgraded to offering transfers aboard Mentawai Fast and in 2019 we are offering DIRECT transfers between Padang and Macaronis Resort aboard the 200+ seat Mentawai Fast taking just 4.5 hours, also delivering resort supplies on a 4 weekly basis (fortnightly at times during the peak season).

To offer this service we have had to raise our transfer prices by AU $ 50.00. Surfer round trip transfers are now charged AU $450 and Non-surfers AU $400 (return). A surcharge of AU $75.00 is applicable for 1-way DIRECT transfers (AU $300 for surfers or AU $275 for Non-surfers 1 way, including airport and harbor transfers).

Direct transfers also offers the opportunity to stop by Katiet on South Sipora, on the way to or from Macaronis Resort. This allows visitors to potentially do a 5 or 9 night trip at Macaronis Resort, combined with staying at a South Sipora Resort, surfing Lances Left & Right, among other classic breaks.

Never before has such a trip been available, with reliable high speed door to door transport between both regions. A Resort Combo trip needs to be organized by us to ensure logistics are properly organised with confirmed rendezvous point for pick-up / drop-off, ensuring stop over only takes a few minutes.

Click To View: Mentawai Fast DIRECT Route Map

Here is the cost breakdown of what a regular Round-trip Non-Direct Surfer transfers includes:

Airport pick-up + Boards/luggage (return): Rp.200.000 – AU $20.00 X 2 = AU $40
Hotel – Harbor + Boards/luggage (return): Rp.200.000 – AU $20.00 X 2 = AU $40
Mentawai Fast (via Sikakap Port): ticket Rp.370.000 – AU $37.00 X 2 = AU $74 (see note below)
Speedboat Transfer Guest & Surfboards Sikakap – Macaronis, 1 hour: AU $125.00 X 2 = AU $250
Mentawai Fast Freight of Surf Board Bags Rp.230.000 – AU $23.00 X 2 = AU $46 (as per website)

Total: AU $450.00 (AU $225.00 each way for a surfer)

* An additional AU $75.00 is applicable for 1-way DIRECT Padang – Macaronis transfers.

We must also pay for ground handing staff including guide, and handling any logistics issues encountered, this is our assurance to you of us organizing your transfers.

Mentawai Fast route to Sikakap costs Rp.370.000 per ticket, slightly more than other routes between Padang and other Mentawai ports because it is further, 110 miles compared to 80 miles to Tuapejat.

We have recently purchased our new twin 300 Hp aluminum power catamaran ‘Surfalot’ to offer more convenient and safer transfers between Macaronis Resort and Mentawai Ports (also available for emergency evacuation). See here: Resort Boats

For Mentawai Fast DIRECT we must charge a AU $75 surcharge (1 way) to cover the charter price to offer this exclusive service to our guests to reach the resort in only 4.5 hours from Padang, ‘doorstep to doorstep’. Via Sikakap, the transfer takes an extra 1.5 hours.