New 2014 Firewire Surfboards for Hire

Just in! Nine new Firewire surfboards have been added to the for-hire rack out at the resort. This years collection features a wide variety of models and dimension including long boards, high-performance short boards, and hybrids. This years line-up includes models; Michel Bourez, Sub Moon (Long board), Artillery, PRO_file V1, Unibrow, Vanguard by Tomo, and the Potato-nater.

All rentals come with leash, fins and wax!

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Surfing Early Season at Macaronis, March 2014

What have the conditions been like this March? They have been glassy and fun! The swell as been the perfect size out here, with great weather/wind conditions and plenty of waves to go around. We mostly stuck to the home break at Macas, but ventured over to Greenbush one day to find it working perfectly! A little bit of everything in this great vid […]

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    Early March 2014 – Pure Magic at Macaronis, Mentawai Indonesia

Early March 2014 – Pure Magic at Macaronis, Mentawai Indonesia

Nearly every week our hard-working photographers put together a video to share that latest conditions and surf from out here at Macaronis. This video captures the magic in the water for the early part of March with calm days and a perfect mid-size swell. The few lucky guests had the world class waves all to themselves. Maybe next March, a few more surfers will […]

March 2014 – Early Season Fun at Uncrowded Macas & Roxies

A perfect week of conditions & stoked guests from around the world. Macaronis and Roxies are two of the most user-friendly spots a surfer could ever hope to find and this video shows that they can be enjoyed by a huge range of surfers… whether you want to get barreled, hit the machine like lip, or just cruise… this week’s video shows you can […]