Investment in Macaronis Resort via Silabu Unit Trust

Macaronis Resort has been operational more than 15 years, is debt-free, and has been trading with a cash flow surplus throughout the pandemic. Confidence remains high with the peak surf season approaching, having strong forward bookings, and with few other surf charters or resorts operational.

The business is conservatively forecasted to earn a 5% return for investors becoming involved in 2021, while also enjoying 2 weeks of visitation entitlements annually staying with family or friends in one of four newly built family-sized deluxe suites, worth savings of USD $7,000 for a family of four.

The minimum investment is USD $50,000 that can be made by an individual, as a partnership, put under the name of an entity, such as a company, or via a trust fund. Another popular way to invest is via a retirement fund, where you can enjoy the visitation benefits now while investing for your retirement.

There are limited opportunities to invest in Silabu Unit Trust. If no positions are available, you can also join our waitlist if you would like to be notified upon a position becoming available. If interested, please enquire to the trustee by submitting your contact details using the application form below.

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