Mentawai Surf Forecast & Tides for Macaronis & Surrounding Breaks

Macaronis is a left hand point break over flat reef that is surf-able at all tides, swell sizes & directions. Macaronis remains surf-able in almost all wind conditions, making it one of the most consistent breaks in all of the island chain.

Surfers can expect to find powerful surf during peak season from March – November, during the southern hemisphere winter, while during the summer months, December – February surfers can expect longer period swells, creating perfect peeling waves in the 2-4 feet range.

Below are some links to surf & wind forecasts specifically for Macaronis and surrounding areas from a variety of forecasting websites.

Note: We only provide links to these forecasting sites because is a SSL encrypted secure website which protects users private information, while the majority of forecasting website are have insecure content, and therefore their widgets cannot be displayed on our website.

StormSurf – Provides a quick overview of upcoming swell size and direction, with 180 hour forecast to see what is on the way (also giving insight into localized storm activity producing localized short period swell)

WindGuru – Handy to quickly check forecast of wind direction, strength, gusts + swell direction, period and size.

Buoy Weather – Trusted by Many; we are a Premium Subscriber so those at the resort can view the extended outlook.

MagicSeaweed – Another option to check out what’s going on, for those who are used to reading Magic Seaweed forecasts.

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Absolute Perfection – Macaronis Video

Mentawai Tides – PDF

Click below charts by 6 month intervals;

July – Dec 2016 Jan – Jun 2017

July – Dec 2017 2015 Year

What to Look for to get Macaronis & Greenbush

Macaronis works on all tides and all swell sizes and directions. Powerful swells arrive from March – November, while December – February produces smaller long period swells.

Greenbush works on a south swell, with morning high tides above 1m and east to north west winds. If you would like to score Greenbush during your stay schedule your trip on a new or full moon morning spring tide.