Mentawai Islands, Indonesia – Our Island Paradise! 

Macaronis Resort Mentawai Islands

Macaronis Resort is situated on Siniai Island, just off the coast of North Pagai Island in the southern region of the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. Located centrally between Katieit on South Sipora (Lances surfing area) and Sibegau Island nearby South Pagai (Thunders surfing area).

Macaronis Resort is in a very remote area, 120 nautical miles from Padang, West Sumatra. The largest village and port on North Pagai Island is Sikakap, with passenger ferry transits to-from Padang. From Sikakap a speed boat transfers guests to Macaronis Resort.

The resort itself is built along-side picturesque Silabu salt water lagoon, just across the bay from legendary Macaronis wave. Macaronis wave breaks in Pasangan Bay, located just outside of the lagoon. The resort is 5 km from the closest village, Silabu, which is 3 km inland on the edge of an arterial river system.

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Macaronis Resort

Latitude: 2° 46.7′ S
Longitude: 99° 59.05′ E

Macaronis Resort:
Pasangan Bay, Siniai Island
Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra

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Tropical Climate

The climate in the Mentawais is hot and humid with rainfall occurring all year. Seasons vary from year to year; El Nino conditions typically deliver Southerly trade winds during the Southern hemisphere winter time, while La Nina conditions typically produce more Northerly winds.

Powerful swells arrive from March – November, while December – February produces smaller long period swells, ideal for beginners and those who prefer quality medium sized waves with less crowds.

Air 26° – 32° C / 80° – 90° F
Water 26° – 29° C / 80° – 85° F

Wave Maps

Southern Mentawai Wave Map

The wave map above shows the southern Mentawai breaks near Macaronis Resort. Southern Mentawai surfing spots shown include: Bat Cave, Silabu Left, Fish Fingers, Mini Macas, Macas Right, Macaronis, Bung’oles, Greenbush, Roxies, Rags Left, Rags Right, Thunders, and Rednuht.

Hand Drawn Macaronis Wave Map
Macaronis Bay by Guy Hastings. This map shows Silabu Left on the right of the picture, Macaronis and Mini Macas on the left of the picture and Macas Right in the middle, on the other side of the bay.