Trip Schedule & Date Options

Mentawai Fast departs Padang at 6.30 am on Fridays (to resort via Sikakap) and returns on the same day to Padang with arrival scheduled at 6.30 pm, servicing our most popular trip duration of 8 Surfing Days / 7 Resort Nights (highly recommended).

For groups of 10 or more, we sometimes provide a custom transfer via Tuapejat on Monday at either the beginning or end of a trip. View our trip schedule below for trips that may be starting or ending in Tuapejat on a Monday accommodating a 10 or 11-night trip (currently available: June 11 – 21 & July 16 – 26, 2021).

Due to early morning departures and late arrivals back to Padang, your flight needs to arrive in Padang 1 day before your resort Check-in and depart 1 day after your resort Check-out date, requiring transit nights in Padang which are convenient to break-up and rest between travel.

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We recommend a night at 4 star Mercure Hotel which has comfortable well appointed rooms and the best early morning breakfast buffet in Padang. Alternatively, cheaper options are Plan B or Budget Hotel, directly across the road from the ferry terminal.

You will be picked up from your hotel at 6.00 am and Mentawai Fast departs at 6.30 am. Arrival to Sikakap Port in Mentawai is scheduled at 11.00 am, followed by a 1 hour speedboat ride to Macaronis Resort.

Mentawai Fast departs Sikakap Port on Fridays at 2.00 pm with arrival to Padang scheduled at 6.30 pm. A flight departure at 11.00 am or later the next day is recommended in case of any delays.

Subject to room availability, guests can request an extension to instead depart on Sunday or Wednesday overnight ferry if wanting to stay longer. Guests can also request to depart to the resort on the over-night ferry, subject to there being last minute room availability.

If transferring to/from a charter boat or other resort, we only accept Check-ins or Check-outs on Fridays when booking in advance. Charter boat captains must agree to your scheduled pick-up / drop-off.