Trip Schedule & Date Options

Your flight needs to arrive in Padang 1 day before your resort Check-in date and depart 1 day after your resort Check-out date, 11.00 am or later. Mentawai Fast departs Padang 6.30 am Fridays (to resort via Sikakap Port) and limited Sundays (direct Mentawai Fast charter – highly recommended).

Flight Arrival to Padang

Your flight needs to arrive in Padang 1 day before your Resort Check-in date, we recommend a night at the 4 star Mercure Hotel. Enjoy the best breakfast buffet in Padang at 5.30 am before departure to the ferry terminal. Departure is 6.30 am and arrival to Mentawai is at 11.00 am, either to Sikakap Port (Fridays, 1 hour further to the resort) or direct to the resort (limited Sundays).

Flight Departure From Padang

Mentawai Fast departs Sikakap Port (Fridays) or Macaronis (limited Sundays) at 2.00 pm with scheduled arrival to Padang at 6.30 pm. A flight departure at 11.00 am or later the next day is highly recommended, providing assurance in case of any delays.

Can I travel on the Over-night Ferry?

Subject to room availability, guests may request an extension to instead depart on the Sunday or Wednesday overnight ferry if wanting to stay longer.

Charter Boat or Other Resort Combo Trip

If transferring to/from a charter boat or other resort, we only accept Check-ins or Check-outs as per the dates shown on our Trip Calendar below. Charter boat captains must agree to your scheduled pick-up / drop-off.

How to use the Trip Calendar

Step 1: Find the month you are interested in vising and follow the dates vertically.

Step 2: The available check-in and check-out dates are the days in the calendar that are filled with a color. The different colors refer to the different transport options listed across the top of the calendar.

Color Key:

  • Blue with red dot is most convenient – a direct transfer of 4.5 hours aboard Mentawai Fast.
  • Green is 4.5 hours to/from Sikakap Port, plus additional 1 hour speedboat transfer.
  • Light blue represents a special custom transfer – Enquire for details.
  • The black triangle on a date represents a 1-way transfer to Padang.

Step 3: The % number refers to early bird discounts for surfers available from the check-in date over the whole booking, which can save surfers up to 30% on the accommodation package.