Trip Schedule & Date Options

Guests traveling on the overnight ferry spend a night in a private A/C sleeping cabin traveling between Padang and Sikakap Port in the Mentawai Islands. Departure is at 6.00 pm and arrival is at 7.30 am, followed by a 1.5 hour speedboat transfer to the resort. If departing to Padang, speedboat departure from the resort is at 2.00 pm.

Guests traveling on Mentawai Fast can relax after travel enjoying a night at Mercure Hotel in Padang at the beginning of your trip, with early morning breakfast buffet and 5.45 am departure to the ferry terminal the following morning. Departure is at 6.30 am and arrival is at 11.00 am (traveling via Sikakap takes an extra 2 hours).

On returning to Padang Mentawai Fast is scheduled to depart at 2.00 pm and arrive at 6.30pm. A transit night in Padang is usually also needed at the end of your trip with flight departure preferably 11.30 am or later the day after your resort Check-out, providing assurance in case of any delays.

Note: We don’t recommend planning to depart Padang on the same day as your resort Check-out, unless planning only a few days before, knowing there is likely to be good weather and stable sea conditions predicted. In this case, the earliest flight departure possible is after 9.00 pm (currently only Lion Air to Jakarta at 9.20 pm).

Therefore, when planning your trip in advance, your flight should be scheduled to arrive in Padang 1 day before your resort Check-in date by 2.00 pm, and depart 1 day after your resort Check-out date, preferably 11.30 am or later.

If transferring to/from a charter boat or other resort we only accept Check-ins or Check-outs as per the dates shown on our Trip Calendar below. Charter boat captains must agree to your scheduled pick-up / drop-off.

This Trip Calendar is currently being updated. Check-ins / Check-outs now available Friday in Aug & Sep 2018 using Mentawai Fast via Sikakap.

Trip Calendar 2018-2019

Trip Calendar