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Macaronis is considered the most consistent wave in the Mentawais. It breaks on all tides and is good in most winds. When other spots are maxed out, Macaronis is still working. When other waves are flat, Macaronis will still be breaking.

Aside from those excellent attributes, Macaronis (AKA Macas) is well known for it’s tubes. Many surfers have got their first-ever barrel on this user-friendly wave and many more have gotten the deepest and best barrels of their life. After the top barrel section, Macas runs down the reef for 250 yards at a speed perfect for performance surfing. It’s perfectly foiled wall sets up mechanically time and time again.

It is no secret that Macaronis is one of the best lefts on earth. Macas was chosen as the best wave in Indonesia by Tracks Magazine and in the past was voted by pro surfers and industry figureheads (Waves Magazine, 2002) as the “funnest” wave to surf on earth!

If you are looking to have quick and easy access to one of the best, most consistent lefts in the world, Macaronis is your spot!

Macaronis Resort is Open Year Round!

April – October is regarded as the best time to score a larger surf in the Mentawai Islands. This is when the Indian Ocean is producing intense storms more regularly passing by Indonesia, therefore increasing wave action and intensity. May – September will most likely book out the quickest as it is winter in the Southern hemisphere and surfers closer-by are looking to escape the cold and enjoy some Indo perfection!

March & November are considered shoulder months, which produce world-class surf, usually generated from longer period South swells which are perfect for Macaronis and Greenbush. In certain years, March and November have been the best months of the entire year, when swell is of ideal direction, winds are light, and crowds are at a minimum.

December – February is the summer season, which means very few Southern hemisphere surfers visiting, meaning empty line-ups! Ground swells travel from further away in an ideal Southerly direction, perfect for Greenbush and Macas. Glassy surf in the 2-4 ft range is common with the occasional larger swell. This is a great time of year for intermediate surfers and those who are looking to get plenty of wave time at these world-class breaks. Surfers can visit Macaronis Resort at up to 30% off from December – February!

Want a closer look at conditions throughout the year? Check out the video archives from every month of the year!

Firstly, Greenbush works best on a South swell. The more pure south, the better and more perfect it will be. In late and early season Jan – June we enjoy consistent South swell direction, with Mar – June usually being most intense. Northerly offshore winds are common in November right through to June. From late June higher storm tracks produce more SW swell mixed with occasional solid South swells, but South winds can be more common July – November.

Secondly, the bush is best on king high tides (above 1 M) preferably in the mornings with north-east to north-west winds during the peak season and afternoons in the summer season. The largest tides occur on a new or full moon, so you will preferably want to align a spring tide to have the best chance of scoring Greenbush with favourable winds.

We plan trips to Greenbush depending on conditions and on guest requests. If it’s lining up, we’ll be onto it and plan the night before for an early departure. Our 11.5 m Aluminum Cat ‘Surfalot’, can get us there in 25 minutes as it is powered by 250 hp Yamaha outboard engines and is stable enough to cut through NW wind chop if those winds are prevailing.

Due to the ever increasing popularity of photography and videography packages, Macaronis Resort has engaged some of the best freelance surf videographers and photographers. They will capture all your surf sessions and other recreational activities during your stay at the resort. Organise a private surf-photography session, or capture your waves from a birds-eye view by a professional drone operator. Your family can have a professional video produced of your entire stay, allowing you to re-live your favourite moments back home with your friends.

Photo and video service pricing is as follows and includes photos and videos:-

4 day package – Rp 2,000,000
7 day package – Rp 3,000,000
10 day package – Rp 4,000,000
14 day package – Rp 5,000,000

Custom video edits can be provided starting from Rp 1,000,000 per guest.

Yes, you can surf anytime you want all day, dawn to dusk. We have one boat that remains anchored at the break all day. This boat serves as a floating radio/water/storage station where you can rest or leave some items you may need. There are 3 dinghies that run back and forth from the break to the resort all day. It is about a 5-minute ride from the main break (Macaronis) to the dock at the resort.

If you want to go for a surf and no dinghy is at the dock, just stop at the bar and they will radio one for you 🙂

For long-distance surf trips, such as visiting Greenbush or Bat Cave, those will be planned one day ahead of time, dependent on guest requests and conditions. Long-distance trips are made at least  2 times per week, depending on guest numbers and conditions.

Due to an extra long mission over 30 nautical miles each way, we do not usually do day trips to Lances Left or Lances Right / HTs.

Yes! We have a rack full of high performance Firewire boards for hire. You can reserve one before your trip and skip all the hassle with board bags, or just try one out while you’re here. If conditions are not suitable for the boards you brought along or perhaps you snap a board… we’ve got you covered.

Check out the current boards on the rack here: Surfboards for Hire

Performance Surf Board Rental Rates
Full Day: Rp.250.000
Per Session: Rp.100.000

Learning Boards
We also have a selection of soft-top learning boards available free of charge for any guest to use at any time 🙂

Yes! There is one of the best waves for beginners in the Mentawais right in front of the resort. The wave is called Fish Fingers and is a soft right-hander that peels away from a sandy channel. The wave is sand-bottom and is usually small and gentle. There are a variety of learner boards available for guests to use free of charge. This is a great place to teach the kids or give surfing a go for the first time.

Offering Special Discounts & Inclusions – The Beginner Surfer Package

Yes! We do offer beginner surf lessons. Beginners will get 1 free group lesson at Fish Fingers included in their package. Additional surf lessons are available from the hosts and guides for Rp.300,000 per session.
Beginner surfers are those that have never surfed before or have very limited experience and have never surfed a reef break! If you know how to surf or plan to bring your own equipment, you must book as a surfing guest. If you are interested in surfing waves other than Fish Fingers before booking your trip, you must book as a surfing guest.

Beginner surfers are permitted to surf at Fish Fingers wave only, using the soft-top learner boards provided. For your safety, the opportunity to advance to other waves is at the discretion of our surf guides.

Surf lessons at Fish Fingers are RP300,000/hour (one free lesson is included in package).

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Yes! Intermediate Surfer is a difficult term to define, however, let’s define it as… if your able to go across the face on a wave, generate some speed and do some turns reasonably confidently, then you are an intermediate surfer, suited to surfing small to medium sized Macaronis and likely to improve quickly during your stay.

If it is a bit big at Macaronis, then Mini Macas, a peak that forms inside of Macaronis is a favorite place for surfers with some experience but looking for something a little less heavy than Macaronis. Mini Macas is a fun and easy to surf left-hander that is generally empty. On a big swell, Mini Macas can be overhead with beautiful long lines.

Silabu Left is another option for intermediate surfers just a boat ride through the mangroves away. It is also a reef break, but is not as steep and perfect as Macaronis. At Silabu you can surf with a small group of friends, as charter boat guests rarely visit this wave. Macaronis Right is also an amazing option for intermediate surfers.

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The Mentawai Government tourism department is responsible for the supervision and management of tourism in the Mentawai Islands.

Under the current legislation Macaronis Resort is allocated 50% of the designated carrying capacity of 40 surfers decided by Regent Decree No.168 Year 2016 (English / Indonesian), visiting boats are allocated 30% (12 surfers), and “other” surfers are allocated 20% (8 surfers).

Macaronis Resort or visiting boats are permitted to utilize greater than this allocation provided a maximum capacity of 40 surfers is not exceeded. For example, when there are no “other” surfers; up to a maximum of 20 surfers for 2 visiting boats, or up to 28 surfers for Macaronis Resort, provided that Regent Decree No.168 is continued to be respected.

Noting that ‘other’ surfers are usually limited to local surfers that work at the resort and only surf when there are fewer surfers in the area. When there are no “other” surfers this capacity can potentially be used by Macaronis Resort or by visiting boats. Macaronis Resort is committed to respecting a maximum of 40 surfers by offering day trips out to surf surrounding breaks if ever hosting more than 20 surfers.

Relevant legislation:

  • Regional Tourism Law No.2, Year 2015 (Indonesian / English) particularly in reference to Chapter 3, Part 2, Article 13, and Chapter 5, Article 18.
  • Regent Decree No.168, 2016 (Indonesian / English).

To view the complete Mentawai tourism legislation with contact details for visiting boats to book a mooring, or for guests to provide visitor feedback, you can visit this page here

Industry meetings called by the Mentawai and West Sumatran Government in 2012 and 2014 confirmed that a mooring system approved by the Mentawai Government in 2010 (in accord with tourism laws of the time) was beneficial in promoting sustainable tourism and co-existence between Macaronis Resort, visiting charter boats, and the local community.

Tourism Legislation introduced in August 2016, where boat operators must acquire their licenses independently, further supports sustainable management of tourism, in particular managing a sustainable carrying capacity of surfers in the more popular surf zones.

Currently, in accordance with the surfing tourism regulations, particularly in reference to Regent Decree No.168 Year 2016 (English / Indonesian), visiting boats must book one of two moorings with the Mentawai Government tourism department before visiting.

To view the complete Mentawai tourism legislation with contact details for visiting boats to book a mooring, or for guests to provide visitor feedback, you can visit this page here

Macaronis Resort is allowed a maximum of 20 surfers at a time surfing at Macaronis each day and if hosting more than 20 surfers then we generally offer a trip out each day to surf the surrounding Southern Mentawai breaks. When we have 20 surfers or less, we do a minimum of 2 trips out each week to explore and surf the other surrounding breaks such as Greenbush, Rags Right, Roxies, or Thunders.

Resort, Area & Activities

Macaronis Resort is like no other on earth! Lush vegetation meeting white sand beach extend into clear warm water where perfect waves peel around the reef… this is the kind of place that dreams are made of! The small local community emanates the true joy of life and enhances the natural beauty of this incredible place even more.

Macaronis wave has been voted the #1 wave in Indonesia by Tracks Magazine, the ‘Funnest’ wave to surf in the world by ‘Waves’ magazine, and various other claims have been made!

Discovered in the 1980’s and kept secret for over a decade, eventually the word got and slowly surfers started to document and share photos and stories of the amazing waves they scored at Macaronis. In the 90’s its popularity skyrocketed with the surf media showing off its every barrel, open face and air section.

Macaronis is very consistent and unlike most other resorts in the Mentawais, provides easy access to great surf almost every day without having to take long boat trips to get waves.

Macaronis is also in a bay where several waves break making it not just for expert surfers, but also for those who want to improve their surfing at any level or learn from the start.

The guest rooms are raised up from ground level with exceptional amenities, and incredible 360° views of the area stretching from lush landscapes to the open sea. Most ground-level bungalows in the Mentawais do not have such wonderful sea-breezes, beautiful views and the comforts gained in a nicely insulated building.

Macaronis Resort offers non-surfing guests a discount of half the regular price of surfers when sharing a room, kids under 12 pay non-surfer rates, and kids 6 and under come for free! We also offer beginner surfers the opportunity to visit paying the non-surfer rate of half off!

Perfect for families, honeymoons, getting away or scoring the waves of your life – there is everything you could dream of and more at this resort and we hope that you feel at home the moment you arrive!

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Yes! Families love visiting Macaronis Resort because there are waves of all levels… moms, dads and groms!

There is a large pool area for lounging and playing, lots of big blow-up pool toys, billiards and ping-pong.

The best thing for kids is the learning wave, Fish Fingers, and the beautiful area to swim and play at the beach. Kids love it! Use of the learning boards, kayaks, SUPs and snorkel gear are free for all guests.

Kids Menu! We have a special kids menu with all the tasty simple options kids love. Check out the menu here » Kids Menu

The resort has baby cots, high chairs, and fold-out beds.

Visit the Family Page for more pictures or Request a Reservation here to find out Rates

Yes, we do! As a family friendly surf resort we are happy to offer child minding services to our family guests. Enjoy getting out on the water and relax knowing your children are in safe hands! Child minding services can be purchased in concessions/packages, where the more you purchase the more you save! Guests may purchase concessions prior to arrival or at the resort. View Rates & More Details

Commonly known as Macaronis or just Macas, the wave was first discovered in 1980 by pioneer surf discoverers Chris Goodnow, Scott Wakefield and Tony Fitzpatrick. They originally named the break ‘P-Land’ on their first visit, after Pasangan Bay (where the wave breaks) and the Pagai Islands, where Pasangan Bay is located. Amazingly, considering its remote location, P-Land may have been the first wave surfed in the Mentawai Islands, and since then it has become known as the ‘the funnest wave to surf on the planet’.

Waves like Lances Right were discovered 10 years later, while Chris, Scott and Tony kept Macas a secret between themselves. They returned in 1981 for more memorable sessions and again on a boat trip in the 90’s, but after this did not return until staying at Macaronis Resort in April, 2013 – Check out the post and video on their visit

It was in 1989, that surfers began camping out at Macaronis, having rediscovered the wave and re-named it Macaronis; due to Macaroni being their staple diet at the time, plus the wave resembled a piece of Macaroni, perfectly shaped and hollow, bending it’s way down the reef.

Macaronis Resort is located in a very remote and pristine part of the world 2° South of the equator. The climate is tropical and the weather is warm and humid with rainfall occurring all year. Visit the Location Page for details.

The nearest village, Silabu Village, is a Christian community with approximately 600 indigenous inhabitants. It is located approximately 20km from Sikakap, the largest town on North Pagai and port of the Ambu Ambu ferry. Silabu is connected to Sikakap by a walking track that can also be crossed on a motor bike taking about 1.5 hours.

Contact with the outside world was initiated by Christian missionaries who converted the people to Christianity in the early 1900’s. For over 30 years the villagers have extended their hospitality to the strange outsiders who come to ride the waves breaking on their reefs.

The Forest & Ocean surrounding Macaronis Resort are Abundant with Life

Salt water crocodiles (known locally as Buaya) still inhabit the area but are timid of humans and can only be rarely seen in the interior river systems and swamp lands. Since the year 2010 tsunami, crocodiles have become more rare as the interior river systems have changed.  There are also some of the largest snakes in the world living in the jungle, including reticulated pythons, king cobra and green tree vipers. Water Dragons (similar to large goannas and known locally as Buayak) are also common growing up to 2.5 meters in length.

In the jungle there is wild boar, and on our island there is a family of white faced Gibbons with black fur and white faces. Various other species of monkey exist including the Mentawai Leaf Monkey, Macaques. There are also flying squirrels (called ‘Tupai’) on our island and Macaronis is home to the Crested Serpant Eagle that lives high in the hollowed out rotting tree trunks and on Silabu Island. There are also wild black spotted deer, land tortoise and armadillo.

Silabu lagoon has a variety of fish species including squid, various crab species including mud crab, giant trevally, octopus, sea snails, clams, mangrove jack, red snapper, mullet, yellow tipped trevally, blue tipped trevally and Scorpion fish. Trawling in the ocean one can catch giant trevally (GT), king mackerel / tengirri, mahi mahi, sail fish and sometimes black marlin.

Yes! There is a great beach for jogging and walking located just across the channel from the resort. The boat drivers can run you across in about 1 minute and drop you off. The beach is sand and is about 4km out and back. Beautiful forest and palms line the beach.

You can also jog right from the resort at mid-to-low tide about 3/4 around the island which the resort is on. The walk/run is mostly over coral-strewn beach with patches of sand. The run is about 3k out and back – and beautiful shells can be found on this beach!

Resort Front/Lagoon Beach: There is a small beach right in front of the resort with white sand shells. The water is clear, calm and warm and great for swimming. It is an excellent launch point for kayaking or stand up paddling with an easy beach landing.

Pasangan Bay Beach: There is a beautiful white sand crescent of beach about 2K long in the bay between the resort and the wave. The beach is located just across the channel and can be easily accessed by a 1 minute boat ride or a quick kayak or paddle across. The beach has some shells and is lined with beautiful forest and palms. You can walk to Macaronis wave from this beach, but you must cross a small inlet entrance in the far corner of the bay.

Siniai Island Beach: The resort is located on Siniai Island, which faces the open sea, the bay of Macaronis wave and the calm inner lagoon. Starting from the resort, you can walk out towards the ocean along the calm bay tide-flat and around to the coral and shell-strewn rugged beach. It is a beautiful and pristine island walk where beautiful and large sea shells can be found. There have been several large chambered nautilus shells found on this beach as well as beautiful cowries.

All activity gear is available to guests free of charge!

Snorkeling: There are 12+ sets of fins and masks for guest use free of charge. There is great snorkeling out front in the lagoon, but even better behind Silabu Island, a short boat trip through the mangroves. Silabu reef is calm and generally very clear with dynamic live reef and a variety of beautiful bright reef fish. Snorkeling trips can be arranged anytime through the resort hosts and guides. Beautiful reef fish, rays and turtles can all be spotted at this clear water snorkeling haven!

Stand Up Paddling: Stand up paddling around the lagoon, through the mangroves or out around the bay is a favorite activity. There are two stand up paddle boards with paddles available for guests at anytime. The lagoon in front of the resort is calm and perfect for easy launching.

Kayaking: There are two sea kayaks with paddles for guest to explore the area. A beautiful trip through the calm and quiet mangroves is well worth it! The water is clear and you can watch the fish swimming beneath you as you make your way through the beautiful passage-way.

Fishing: Quality spear guns, and 12+ sets of fins and masks are available to guests. There are some great spots for spearing nearby and the guides know just where to take you. Spinning rods and game rods and tackle are available as well for trolling off the power boats. Special fishing trips can be arranged or trolling can be done to and from surf spots on bigger trips.

Beach Combing: There are some great beaches both in walking distance and a short trip on the boat for exploring and relaxing.

Jungle Walks: Walking through the jungle on the island is an adventure. Home to beautiful and unique wildlife, friendly local people and beautiful plants and foliage.

Visits to the Village: A walk or beautiful boat trip to the village of Silabu is a fascinating experience for many guests. The Mentawai people live a beautiful lifestyle and greet visitors with joy.

We don’t have a commercial Scuba operation but the snorkeling is also fabulous! We have 3 “Andre” custom crafted spear guns in good working order for guests to spear their own fish to eat on the BBQ.

As mentioned, we have high-quality spear guns, fins and masks and snorkels are available to guests.

There are some great spots for spearing nearby and the guides know just where to take you.

Rods and tackle are available as well for trolling off the speed boats. Special fishing trips can be arranged or trolling can be done to and from surf spots on bigger trips.

Deals, Rates, Extras & Payments

Yes! Non-surfing guests get approx 50% off the surfer rate and the same goes for beginners and kids 12 years old and under. Kids 5 and under come for FREE 🙂


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The Early Bird Special gives the best discounts to the first surfers who book. The first 5 surfers to book at each check-in date receives 20% off, and the next 5 surfers receive 10% off. If recruiting friends to book as a part of a group, all group members pay the same prices, so you can pass on your 20% discount to friends visiting with you as well.

To find out what deals are available, enquire with your preferred dates to find out what is available.

To ensure a steady but sustainable occupancy of surfers we offer our Early Bird specials to incentivize guests to book during times when our surfer occupancy is lower, in order to maintain a more consistent occupancy over the course of a year. Of course, these great deals benefit the guests most, both by getting the best value for money, potentially visiting when there are fewer surfers, and helping to evenly fill the weeks over the year, which reduces environmental impact & maximizes enjoyment for all.

Yes! If you are planning a 4 week trip you can take advantage of our membership deal and get a huge discount. See more on Memberships. Or if wanting to stay 14 days or longer, you automatically get 20% off your second week. 

The only cash required on your trip upon landing in Padang and taking off again via airplane is for your visa on arrival (if required). You will also need cash if you wish to purchase local food in Padang, items on the ferry transfer, or buy local souvenirs at the Resort.

From March 2016 there were 169 countries that received a 30-day free Indonesian visa on arrival, which is not extendable. Free 30-day visa on arrival countries include: Australia, USA, Brazil,South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany.

For payment at the resort for extras such as massage, bar drinks, laundry, surf board rentals, photo service, etc., the preferred method of payment is with Visa or Mastercard at the end of your trip. We also accept cash payment by Indonesian Rupiah. If you have AUD or USD, you are advised to change this into Indonesian rupiah prior to coming to the resort.

There is no ATM available once you arrive at the resort, so please withdraw cash from an ATM at the airport or in Padang before departing. Savali Hotel in Padang is also located close to several ATMs.

Massages start at Rp.150.000 (about AUD $10). To view our full range of spa services & pricing visit the Spa Page

Laundry service is available and is priced per item. A t-shirt costs Rp.25.000 for washing.

Bar Please see the Bar & Restaurant Page for a bar menu with guest pricing on beverages and other items available for purchase. Guests are welcome to bring their own duty free purchases.

Payment for Extras: Your tab can be paid at the completion of your trip using Visa or Master Card or in Indonesian Rupiah. AUD or USD can only be used to exchange into IDR using our currency exchange service at the resort, which has an approx 10% fee. There is no ATM at the resort, so please withdraw any local cash you might need from an ATM in Padang before departing to Mentawai.

We accept Visa or Mastercard for both reservations and at the resort. For online reservations using Stripe payment gateway, a merchant fee of 2% is to subsidize the cost of performing an online transaction.

Macaronis Resort is PCI compliant using Stripe Payment Gateway which is Level 1 compliant and one of the most secure payment gateways available, which securely stores your entered card data, without allowing us or anybody else to view your card details (only the last 4 digits are displayed).

Our online booking system does not offer a submission box to enter an amount. Instead, we state in our terms and conditions the amount/s that will be charged on submitting your card details, which is either a 30% deposit (outside of 60 days before trip commencement), the balance payment (due at 60 days, must be paid within 15 days), or full payment (if booking within 60 days). Payment by installments can be arranged by contacting us.

To understand our payment terms in more detail, please read our complete set of Terms and Conditions of Booking

Sorry, we do not accept American Express or PayPal.

Click Here to Request a Reservation at Macaronis Resort

Read the instructions on the Book Now page to request a quote and ask any questions.

Please remember to read the Terms and Conditions before making a payment.

First, review our Packages & Rates page, which showcases our prices. Then contact us either by using the Enquire Form, and someone from our team will answer you within 24 hours. 

Travel, Airport – Resort Transfer & Packing

All trips start in Padang, on the mainland of Sumatra, Indonesia, one day prior to your Resort Check-in date. We highly recommend a transit night at the 4 star Mercure Hotel, which is the most comfortable hotel in Padang, offering an early morning breakfast buffet, before departure at 5.45 am the next morning to Mentawai Fast ferry terminal, for 6.30 am departure, with scheduled arrival to Mentawai approx 11.00 am. We also recommend a second transit night in Padang, as the fast ferry is scheduled to arrive back in Padang at 6.30 pm.

Keeping your travel itinerary relaxed with a few extra hours at each end, is highly recommended in case of any unexpected delays, also offering an opportunity to rest in between travel, and enjoy some of the interesting local culture. Padang food “makanan Padang” is famous world wide, our local guides can show you the best local restaurants, and provide complimentary transport if needed.

View the Trip Schedule Here

Getting to Macaronis requires flying into Padang (PDG) airport in West Sumatra, Indonesia (Flight Information Page). After a transit night in Padang, you will travel aboard Mentawai Fast Ferry to Mentawai. Macaronis arranges easy Round-trip Transfer from the airport to the resort.

Book Flights to: Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia; Minangkabau International Airport (PDG)

Your international flight should arrive at one of these airports in order to get to Padang:
1. Jakarta, Indonesia, Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK)
2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)
3. Singapore, Changi International Airport (SIN)

Flying into Padang (PDG):
From Kuala Lumpur or Singapore: Fly direct to PDG Air Asia
From Jakarta: Fly to PDG Lion Air or Garuda Indonesia
From Bali: Fly via Jakarta to PDG Lion Air or Garuda Indonesia

NOTE: Some local airlines DO NOT ACCEPT non-Indonesian credit cards on their websites.

When to Arrive:
Latest Flight Arrival Time to PDG: You must arrive one day before your departure aboard Mentawai Fast
Earliest Flight Departure Time from PDG: 11:00am the day after your resort Check-out

Arriving Before Your Trip

If booking a Round-trip transfer package, we will provide transportation to and from the airport no matter when you arrive or depart.

For more details and help with booking flights, view the Flight Information Page

Garuda Airlines: Surfboards fly free on Garuda Airlines!

Air Asia: Sports equipment (including surfboard bags) are weighed and charged by kg, and can be paid for in advance when booking on for very reasonable rates. Tip: Pay extra online to account for extra weight, they charge 4x the amount at the check-in counter.

Lion Air: One surfboard is free per person, as long as they are within your baggage limit. They may request you to open your bag and count your boards. Additional charges apply per board. Check their website for current fees.

For details and help with booking flights, view the Flight Information Page

Bring as many surf boards and as much luggage as you like. Mentawai Fast charges Rp.230.000 (approx  AU $23.00) per board bag, this is covered in your Round-trip transfer cost. Keep in mind there will be luggage restrictions on your international and domestic flights as well.

Please note that the Beginner Surfer Transfer ($400 return) does not include the transfer of Surfboards, as generally Beginners do not have their own equipment. If you are a Beginner, and you plan on bringing your own board, you will need to upgrade to the Surfer Transfer ($450 return) which does include the transfer of a surfboard bag. Please include this information in your enquiry.

Check out the range of performance and learning surf boards available at the resort: View Surfboard Rentals

Yes, we can reserve a hotel room for you which you can include in your package. Macaronis Resort has contract rates with 4 star Mercure Hotel, which is the best hotel in Padang. Room price is approx AU $85.00 per room and AU $35.00 for an extra bed.

All transport to and from the airport is included in your Round-trip transfer package. There are no extra charges for arriving early.

The Mentawai Fast is International standard transport and is reliable. Travel Insurance is a must though, as bad weather does sometimes occur causing travel delays, which you can be compensated for when receiving a letter from us and the ferry operator, to submit a claim to your travel insurance company.

Macaronis Resort discourages hire of private speedboat transfers to and from the resort due to many guests past experiences. We no longer assist guests in arranging private speedboat transfer. Guests have found that ferry transfers are more comfortable and easier than speedboat transfers because of a smoother ride, especially now we are using the Mentawai Fast.

The distance from Padang is 120 nautical miles, which is 4.5 hours travel on Mentawai Fast in good conditions. A smaller private speedboat would take 5-6 hours travel time. In bad weather, private speedboats are not reliable and can be cancelled due to safety concerns. Additionally, speedboat hire one way is approx $3,000, and options are limited.

For those who would like to book third party private transportation, we recommend contacting Rudi Khelces: [email protected] who is a reliable, English speaking travel agent in Padang. Please see additional details on the Transfer Page.

If you choose to hire private transportation, Macaronis Resort does not offer refunds or transfers for late arrivals. All arrangements and all responsibility of speedboat transfers are on the guests alone.

As an extra cautionary note, speedboats should always depart in the early morning hours from Padang, meaning guests must arrive the day before, the same as if taking the Mentawai Fast. Please use extreme caution and planning when choosing a private speedboat transfer.

Cabins on the overnight ferry (either Gembolo or Ambu Ambu) are limited and only intended for crew members which is required as a part of the maritime safety act, to ensure crew members get sufficient rest. Hire of cabins is managed by crew members, and they are not intended to be hired out to passengers. Sometimes authorities demand use of cabins and guests end up with no cabin at all. After monitoring reliability of Mentawai Fast, to keep up with International standards, we now prioritize use of Mentawai Fast to ensure the best quality transfer experience possible, using our own Aluminum 20 passenger Power Cat ‘Surfalot’ as back-up transport where required, and for connections between Macaronis Resort and Mentawai Ports.

Yes, there is a surf shop in Padang. Stock is limited and we do recommend bringing reef booties and boards from home and not expecting anything. The resort usually has a box of booties left behind by guests and all guests are welcome to borrow from the box, but sizes and types do vary!

To assist you in packing for your trip, please visit our What to Pack Page

The outlet type of Indonesia and Macaronis Resort is a 2 round pins, like this photo:

Power adapter plug for electronics Mentawais

To assist you in packing for your trip, please visit our What to Pack Page

Insurance & Medical Evacuation

Emergency evacuation to Padang can be arranged by speedboat (weather permitting), or by police helicopter (if available – must be arranged by travel insurance company).

Emergency evacuation is not included with guest reservations. All guests must have medical evacuation insurance coverage with their policy provider. All guests agree to bring along travel insurance policy information when agreeing to the resort Terms and Conditions of Booking.

In the case of a medical emergency, resort management will assist in contacting your travel insurance company to assess if you qualify for emergency evacuation. Macaronis Resort is not responsible for emergency evacuation availability or costs, and this is agreed upon by all guests in the Terms and Conditions of Booking

Our 11.5 m X 3.5 m Aluminum Power Cat ‘Surfalot’, powered by 250 hp engines, will be prioritized in an emergency evacuation, at the discretion of resort Management, depending on the seriousness of the injury or illness, and hire charge must be paid for by the guest (or their travel insurance) requiring emergency evacuation.

Thank you for your understanding. Please view the Travel Insurance page for further details and assistance in choosing travel insurance providers.

The availability and network of helicopter evacuation depends on the travel insurance that you are covered by. Only the travel insurance companies know what aircraft is available that they may be able to organize in the case of an emergency.

All guests are required to have an active travel insurance plan covering medical evacuation and we will do everything we can to expedite, help, and organize this service. The first step requires contacting your travel insurance provider.

Macaronis is 120 miles from the coast of mainland Sumatra & Padang, and therefore availability of emergency evacuation is highly dependent on weather and sea conditions.

Yes, for the safety of our guests, Macaronis Resort requires that all guests have medical evacuation insurance coverage.

Emergency Evacuation is not included with guest reservations and must be organized by a 3rd party insurance provider. All guests of Macaronis Resort must have medical evacuation coverage in order to be evacuated and also to visit the resort.

In the case of an emergency, resort management will assist guests in contacting their travel insurance provider to qualify for emergency evacuation. Macaronis Resort is not held responsible for emergency evacuation availability or costs and this is agreed upon by all guests in the terms of conditions which all guests must agree to before visiting the resort.

The resort is located very remotely and in the case of an emergency, guests may require air-lifting or speed boat evacuation to Padang and possibly to Singapore, which can be very costly.

Thank you for your understanding and please view the Travel Insurance page for more details.

For the safety of our guests, it is mandatory that all guests traveling to Macaronis Resort have travel insurance with Medical Evacuation Coverage. All guests must provide their insurance details and bring a printed insurance certificate along with them to the resort.

Travel insurance should be purchased from a 3rd party provider. To assist you, we recommend:

Surf Travel Insurance (Australia & International)
Cover More (Aus, UK, New Zealand, USA)
Indo Surf Travel Insurance (Australia & International)
1Cover (Australia, New Zealand)
World Nomads (International)

Thank you for your understanding and please view the Travel Insurance page for more details.

Pricing plans and options will vary greatly, basic coverage for a week can cost as little as $80.

Yes, Macaronis Resort requires that all guests bring a printed copy of their travel insurance certificate stating their insurance plan and provider information upon arrival at the resort. This is in addition to providing these details electronically at booking.

These requests and policies have been put in place for the protection and safety of our guests.

Thank you for your understanding and please view the Travel Insurance page for more details.

Health & Safety

Macaronis Resort was damaged by a tsunami in year 2010, and at that time all guests and staff took safe refuge in our observation tower located in the center of the main building, standing 15m above sea level (The tsunami reached 3m high). Since year 2010, Macaronis Resort has been refurbished, and the main building is now double the size and strength, specifically designed to withstand a tsunami.

The circular design of the main building, with a diameter a of 28 meters, means that in the case of a tsunami, water flows around the building, rather than it catching water, as would be the case with a rectangular building. Guest bedrooms located on the second floor are elevated 8 meters above sea level, just a few steps from the stairway to the observation tower elevated 15 meters above sea level, providing further reassurance.

Sumatra is located on the “Ring of Fire” where continental plates collide and seismic and volcanic activity is common.

Malaria is potentially a fatal infection transmitted by mosquitoes, known to exist in the tropical regions of Indonesia.

The risk of encountering Malaria depends on factors such as rainfall, cleanliness of grounds and potential mosquito breeding areas, the local economy and health conditions of the local population.

The development of local economies since the introduction of land-based tourism in the early 2000’s, also with programs introduced by Surf Aid, has resulted in a drastic reduction in Malaria cases throughout the Mentawai Islands.

As an additional precaution, guest rooms are elevated 8 meters off the ground and walls and ceilings are of light color, keeping the likelihood of a mosquito entering your room unnoticed at a minimum. Since the construction of Macaronis Resort in year 2004, no guest to our knowledge has ever contracted Malaria.

All visitors should consult with their health professional before visiting Indonesia and Macaronis Resort. Whether or not you choose to take preventative medications, we recommend that all guests use repellents and appropriate clothing in the evenings to minimize contact with mosquitoes.

Yes! We do have medical supplies and a first aid kit, but we strongly recommend that guests bring out their own as well, as they are in high demand and certain supplies can deplete quickly, so having a personal stash is well worth it. There are no outlets to purchase medical supplies of any kind. At the least, we recommend the usual reef cut kit such as an antiseptic to clean cuts, ointment to apply to them as they heal and whatever types of bandage you like (gauze & tape, band-aids, etc.).

We also suggest guests bring a course of antibiotics for personal use in case of infection. Reef cuts from surfing in the tropics are prone to infection if not carefully looked after. Please talk to your doctor about what antibiotic is right for you and follow their instruction.

Macaronis resort does not give medical advice and does not have a doctor at the resort. For more on what to pack check out the Preparing & Packing Page