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Welcome to Siniai Spa at Macaronis Resort

Spa oilsOpen Daily 9am – 6pm

Welcome to Macaronis Resorts own Siniai Spa. Indulge in a healing spa treatment by one of Macaronis own massage therapists. Professionally trained, our lovely massage therapists give high-quality, caring treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With an understanding of surfer ailments, they work with you to focus on areas of tension and address your specific needs.

Set in the open air pool-side gazebo, the calming tropical sounds of the sea breeze rustling in the palms and the beautiful bamboo chimes make for an unforgettable experience. Choose from a variety of massage options and healing body scrubs to make your vacation experience that much more rewarding!

Charter boat guests may book on VHF Channel 10 for treatments from 4pm – 6pm.


Traditional Massage
1 hour – Rp. 200,000
This medium to firm massage treatment uses long strokes, skin rolling, kneading, and reflexology techniques to stimulate blood circulation and soothe aching muscles.

Foot Massage
1 hour – Rp. 200,000
Foot Massage uses ancient pressure point techniques to stimulate the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Head & Shoulder Massage
30 minutes – Rp. 150,000
If you don’t have time to enjoy the many benefits of a complete body massage treatment, this 30-minute treatment will help relieve stress and tension in the neck and shoulder area.

Back Massage
30 minutes – Rp. 150,000
This treatment concentrates solely on your back area. If you are short on time or need a quick back massage this is the perfect treatment for you.


Cleansing Facial

1 hour – Rp. 250,000
Our traditional facial is ideal for purifying and clarifying tired skin or cooling, soothing and rejuvenating sun-damaged skin.

Body Scrubs

Massage & Full Body Scrub
1.5 hours – Rp. 350,000
Scrubs are applied after a 1 hour traditional massage.

Body Scrub & Body Mask
1 hour – Rp. 250,000
Exfoliating body scrub to remove all impurities followed by a soothing body mask to moisturise your body.

Other Treatments

45 minutes – Rp. 150,000
Express manicure perfect to refresh your hands and nails. Bring you favourite colour nail polish with you if you wish.

1 hour – Rp. 200,000
Rejuvenate your feet and nails with our pedicure. Treatment includes foot massage, skin removal, exfoliation, cleanse and bring your own nail polish colour if you wish.

Ear Candling
30 minutes – Rp. 100,000
Ear candling is a safe, simple home remedy for gently removing excess wax and toxins from inside the ears. This treatment includes a relaxing head massage.

Payment is accepted in Indonesia Rupiah only. Resort guests may add treatments to their tab to be paid at the end of their stay with Visa or Mastercard.

Siniai Spa

Siniai Spa