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    Tour of Macaronis Resort, Guests Ripping Macas Mid – Late April & getting Fully Shacked at Greenbush

Tour of Macaronis Resort, Guests Ripping Macas Mid – Late April & getting Fully Shacked at Greenbush

This exciting clip shows Mentawai Fast arriving with a tour of the resort and guests ripping perfect Macas apart mid – late April. All levels of surfers enjoying this surfers paradise with some surfer girls in the action as well. A trip to Bat Cave aboard Surfalot, absolutely firing Greenbush. Thanks to Junior Garcia for the edit with contribution from Paul Hulu

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    Family Christmas and New Years 2018 – Perfect Uncrowded Waves

Family Christmas and New Years 2018 – Perfect Uncrowded Waves

Guests visiting Christmas 2018 had an absolute Blast! Uncrowded perfect waves, not a charter boat in sight (never over Xmas / NY), isolated deserted island beaches, perfect weather, kids having the time of their lives, Santa putting on a show, New Years Fireworks. Its the perfect spot to enjoy Christmas & New Years with Family & Friends, and the best time of the […]

Sylvi’s World at Macaronis Resort

Sylvi Bodi, Hungarian Model, Mermaid & Ocean lover visited Macaronis Resort in 2018, scored epic waves and had an absolute blast. Check out the full video of Sylvi’s adventure from Bali to Macaronis Resort, showing some amazing scenery, local villages, fast ferry transport, and of course epic waves! Thank you to Peter Hoke and Sylvi Bodi for the amazing production.

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    Customer Satisfaction Survey Updated & Upgrades Currently Underway

Customer Satisfaction Survey Updated & Upgrades Currently Underway

We have recently updated our Customer Satisfaction Survey, allowing us to continue to act on guest feedback to improve the quality and quantity of the services and facilities that we provide.

With introduction of premier transfers aboard Mentawai Fast Directly to and from Macaronis Resort available every 4 weeks during 2019 (and sometimes fortnightly), we aim to continue to improve other parts of our operation […]

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Padang Airport To Macaronis Resort – Round Trip Transfers

How Much Does it Cost & What are the Transfer Package Inclusions?

Previously when using the overnight ferry, surfer transfers were charged AU $400 (return), and non-surfers and children charged AU $350 (not carrying board bags) for the round-trip transfer.

Macaronis Resort has now upgraded to offering transfers aboard Mentawai Fast and in 2019 we are offering DIRECT transfers between Padang and Macaronis Resort aboard the 200+ […]

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January and February – Uncrowded Perfect Waves!

We’re remaining open in January and February which is a great time to score uncrowded perfect waves at Greenbush and Macaronis, as we’re right in the firing line of early season South swells!

After being fully booked over Christmas and New Years, we’ve had less than 4 lucky surfers visiting at one time since January 15th; February and March are looking much the same! […]

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Best Surf of the Year by Indovibes @ Macaronis Surf Resort

This is Indovibes selection of their best surf clips throughout the 2016 season. Some amazing surfing! Some are pro’s and some just regular bro’s! Thanks for such an awesome clip to top off your season at Macaronis Resort Indovibes! The most graceful boat dismount ever goes to Matt Scranage!! 🙂
The Best Surf Resort in the World – Macaronis Resort is Located in the […]

Solar Eclipse Trip 2016 – Macaronis Surf Resort

In March 2016 Macaronis Resort hosted a large group of guests from around the world, many of which came especially to see the total Solar Eclipse that occurred on the 9th.

This awesome short film by Matt Dunbar really captures the special moments from the trip. We hope you enjoy it.

Absolute Perfection – Macaronis Wave & Resort

This is a beautiful edit put together by annually returning guest photographer Andy Potts. The video covers some of the best surf over the years he has been shooting with voices of Mentawai surfers talking about the wave and history of the resort. A beautiful film about a beautiful place.