Dear Valued Customers,

On April 5th after being notified by the Mentawai Government of the closure of tourism being extended from April 4th (originally closed on March 27th) to April 18th, we then relaxed our terms and conditions valid until April 30th, or until further notice.

As we have now been updated on April 17th the closure of Mentawai tourism will remain in place until May 29th, we are now providing complete flexibility for clients to reschedule any future bookings up until May 29th, 2020.

This allows clients to keep original booked dates in June, July or later, or make changes if they feel they need to. By May 29th, we will know more about Indonesia’s response to COVID-19. We will continue to provide further updates as we acquire more information.

These changes are in effect immediately as of April 20th and will remain in effect until May 29th, 2020.

If you would like to change your booking but are unable to confirm new trip dates, you can choose to keep your booking tentative subject to confirming new dates later, within 12 months of your original trip dates, subject to availability. Please note that on selecting your new trip dates the booking price will be the same as your previous booking (subject to seasonal restrictions).

Regarding the special conditions offered to clients booked before March 27th, in relation to Special Rates currently being advertised, these still apply for those choosing to pay their balance payment while these special rates are on offer. This provides a significant advantage to be able to make a new booking on these special rates all the way up until 1 week after your future Check-out date (up to 1 year ahead of your original booked dates). While for the general public, these Special rates are only available for a limited time with limited spots.

We’d like to thank everybody for your continued patience during these testing times. We truly hope that by May 29th there will be some good news for all of us. We look forward to hosting you all at Macaronis Resort once again and enjoying more amazing times.



Macaronis Resort