Macaronis at it’s Best – Pumping – Most Viewed Video

Epic pumping Macaronis! This our most viewed Weekly Video, it’s awesome.

Check it out!

Consistent Small Maccas + Resort Facilities

Waves were a bit smaller this week, but by viewing this video you will see just how consistent Macas actually is.

This film also shows off some of the new facilities at the resort… worth a look!

Even though we got no big swell Maccas was still doing its thing. Every day had small fun waves everyday. Pretty chilled week here.

Phil Goodrich was churning out […]

Insane Pumping Greenbush Perfection Video – Mentawai Surf

Insane pumping Greenbush and super fun Macaronis all week long.

We also surfed Rags Right and Roxies. Some incredible sessions, and one in particular with just 3 of us surfing 6-8 Greenbush foot perfection!!

Week Three 2012 Season

Macaronis, Roxies & Macas Right Fun and Pumping

Fun waves at Macas, Roxies and Macas Right this week. Smaller waves but fun times all the same, then we had a swell hit macas on the last day leading up to the next epic week of waves.