January 2015 Surfing Macaronis – Mentawai

Here is the surf recap from late December 2014 into January 2015. All video is from Macaronis wave + a few snippets from the ever-so-famous beginner break out front, Fish Fingers!
Most of the surfing in this video is done by Macas staff because there was hardly anyone here! A normal “crowd” was about 3 people deep. Lucky to snag a few barrels this time […]

Mentawai December Holidays Surf 2014

December is not known for it’s big waves, but there was still plenty of fun surf throughout the month. Typically 2-3ft and variable local conditions, it is an excellent time to avoid the crowds and get a lot of time actually riding waves. Here is a taste of December 2014 at Macaronis in the Mentawais and what to expect for this time of year. […]

FROM STAB: Ozzie Wright, Craig Anderson & Dion Agius at Macas

Yesterday is Today is Tomorrow (Oz Wright, Craig Anderson and Dion Agius in Indo)

The Time Travel of Modern Surfborting!

Let us now reacquaint ourselves with Mr Freesurfing himself, Ozzie Wright, who’s penned his take on the entire scene for Stab. With two of the heaviest clicks for cash hitters, Dion Agius and Craig Anderson, and a Macaronis fun park, the most synonymous combination in surfing […]

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