Pro Surfers Ripping Macas Late July

This week had it all… pro’s performing, pumping macas, fun macas and everything in-between… Some beginner / intermediate surfers enjoying some waves at mini macas and Silabu left too… Something for everyone!

July 18-25, 2012

Resort & Restaurant + Perfect Waves at Macas for Intermediate Surfers

More fun size macas with a chilled vibe around the resort. Check out some of the resort, workouts in the pool, some rain, some good food at the restaurant and more.

Some beginner and intermediate surfers have a crack at Macas towards the end of the week and do awesome!

July 11-18, 2012

Fun Macaronis Early July 2012

The macaronis machine never stops! Fun sized and rippable waves at Macaronis and a really cool crew having fun!