Mid June 2014 Mentawai Swell at Macaronis

June 17 – 23 2014 we offered 30% off to anyone willing to make the short trip out to the resort due to full bookings on either end… we are so stoked that a swell lined up just for those guests and they scored! This clip features all footage shot during the 4 day trip with plenty of waves to go around. Featuring the […]

June 2014 Mentawai Barrels & Mysto Right Scored

Just watch the first 40 seconds – you won’t be disappointed! WOW, such an epic barrel! The resort was booked out with a private party for 10 days who enjoyed the place all to themselves. From heaving Macas to epic right barrels, they really scored it all. Of course, fun days at the home break with plenty of room for turns was the usual, […]

June Mentawai Surfing Macaronis

Some beautiful surfing by Craig Anderson followed by barrel after barrel from the great angle at the look-out tower of Macaronis. Just some beautiful, perfect, glassy days in the surf this last week for the most dreamy sessions in the Mentawais. This video showcases a lot of conditions and surfing, plus some great clips of the school children at the local village of Silabu, […]

Mixing it up at Macaronis – End of May 2014

Guests at Macaronis Resort were treated to a slice of variety in the last week of May. Differing swell directions prompted the adventurous guests to go and explore what the rest of the island chain has to offer. Greenbush served up some solid pits on both occasions where day trips were on offer, and an arvo mission to roxies satisfied the natural footed surfers.

At […]