Flawless Late May Conditions – Macaronis Surf Resort

Proceeding to explore Macas deepest caverns, barrel clinic was in session, fueled by flawless late May conditions and charging attitudes. Roger came for a month and stayed just a few days, scoring more perfect barrels than many would in a lifetime, he’ll be back in July. Other chargers include Tiago, Bruno, Rodrigo.. and a big happy birthday to Joao, who smartly spent his birthday […]

Mid May 2019 – Macaronis Endless Perfection

A group from Northern Beaches enjoying picture perfect May conditions with most surfers on their backhand getting extremely shacked. What can Macas do for you? Its going to barrel you, give you long walls to carve, and give a series of surf sessions with your mates you will never forget. And that’s just the surfing…Among the shredders here, Kahn, Nate, Jeremy and Cohen. Shot […]