Grey Day at Macaronis

Grey days but hollow waves, in this weeks movie from Macaronis Resort.

A bit of rain.. who cares? Not us!

With light winds, low crowds and pumping swell, our guests were well satisfied, with plenty of empty barrels still churning through. What are you waiting for?? For the first time ever we are staying open all season! Don’t miss your chance to score low season swells […]

Mentatwai October 2013 Surf Video

Macaronis has been consistent as usual with varying conditions and swell. Some beautiful glassy days, some side-shore days, perfect for airs – and a few nice ones in this video. The puppies at Macaronis Resort are growing heaps and living the good life.

A beautiful October out here at the resort this year with great weather and good surf! Check out the video!

Video: Joel Hamilton

Pumping Late September Sessions at Macaronis

September 19th – 30th, 2013

Guests enjoy perfect wave and conditions late in September 2013. Beautiful sets peeling into Macaronis bay with mechanical, perfect waves reeling down the point.

A fun trip up to Bat Caves was a highlight of the week exploring the tropical islands, exploring the caves and cliff jumping into the ocean! A beautiful week of weather and surf in the Mentawai Islands.

Video: […]