Macaronis Mid-October 2014

Fun waves this week! We had former Brazilian WQS surfer Guga Arruda tearing the place apart riding a variety of his own shapes as well as Seabass, Ricky, and Willy from east coast USA. Willy rode many sessions on many different craft including his hand plane. The awesome thing about Macaronis… even when it’s small it is still a super fun wave and it […]

Rippable Early October at Macaronis 2014

Two of Australia’s top juniors and former Brazilian pro surfer/shaper visited the resort in early October. It was pumping at times, with mostly calm and rippable conditions. A few days with semi-solid tubes reeling down the reef. This video showcases some excellent surfing from Fraser Dovell, Harley Ross, Guga Arruda & the Grainger family of Manly Surf School. Don’t miss it!!

Video: Chad Bolth @haken_visual

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    Late September 2014 Macaronis & Greenbush with Sydney WQS Rippers

Late September 2014 Macaronis & Greenbush with Sydney WQS Rippers

The last week of September 2014 we had a resort and lineup full of rippers from Sydney, Australia. Top WQS surfer Davey Cathels as well as former WQS surfer and high performance coach Beau Mitchell with a crew of younger rippers.

High performance surf coach Matt Grainger was here along with his family and 2 more Sydney rippers, Fraser Dovell and Harley Ross. With […]

September Sessions Mentawai 2014

The swell always delivers in September. The Indian Ocean generally sends up a push of big storms, delivering beautiful ground swell this way during September. We had heaps of return guests who scored last year back for more, and this September was worth the trip!

This video highlights a number of different sessions from a number of different angels around the channel and the reef.

A […]