The last week of September 2014 we had a resort and lineup full of rippers from Sydney, Australia. Top WQS surfer Davey Cathels as well as former WQS surfer and high performance coach Beau Mitchell with a crew of younger rippers.

High performance surf coach Matt Grainger was here along with his family and 2 more Sydney rippers, Fraser Dovell and Harley Ross. With all these guys and girls (including the up and coming powerhouse Holly Wawn) destroying most sections, there was barely a moment when a roostertail was not seen heading for the heavens.

Tons of awesome surfing showing off all of Macas best curves plus a few draining barrels at the ‘Bush. Swell delivered, groms scored, everybody was stoked!! Don’t miss this video!

Video & Edit: Chad Bolth @haken_visual