Respects to a Legendary Indo Surfer, Barts

In year 2011, Macaronis Resort underwent refurbishments due to damage caused by a tsunami which hit on October 25, year 2010. We were fortunate to have the support of Christian Jon Barton, more commonly known as ‘Barts’, with a reputation of being one of the most experienced Surf Guides in […]

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Mentawai Government – Surf Tourism Management Update

Here is a recent article by Rus Akhbar, printed in the local Mentawai News Paper, Edition Oct 01 – 14, year 2012.

The article refers to preliminary plans of the Mentawai Government, quoting Head of Mentawai Government – Judas Sabaggalet, and Mentawai Tourism Head – Desti Seminora, regarding surf tourism management […]

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