In year 2011, Macaronis Resort underwent refurbishments due to damage caused by a tsunami which hit on October 25, year 2010. We were fortunate to have the support of Christian Jon Barton, more commonly known as ‘Barts’, with a reputation of being one of the most experienced Surf Guides in the Mentawai Islands… and not only that, a damn good bloke.

In year 2011, Macaronis Resort guests agreed to instead go on boat charters under Barts guidance, and despite the disappointment of being unable to stay at Macaronis Resort, we are thankful to have had the support and dedication from Barts in tough times. In the end, the guests were stoked with the waves they experienced and the friendly hospitality shown by Barts and crew.

We were devastated to hear that Barts had passed away in November year 2012, he will be sadly missed by all of us. Thanks so much Barts for sharing the good times with us, and for being a legendary bloke.

Here are a few memorable photos of Barts, while surf guiding for Macaronis Resort and while surf guiding on charter boats Saranya and Mikumba while looking after Macaronis Resort guests.

Barts Indo Surfer

Barts front left with Northern Beaches boys on top deck of Saranya enjoying a few cold ones



Barts in the barrel



Barts in the barrel




Barts in the barrel


Barts in the barrel


Barts – a keen fisherman

To an epic bloke!

Christian Jon Barton