Macaronis Resort Featured in Carve Magazine

Macaronis Resort featured in Carve Magazine’s travel guide in the UK, and in the Aug / Sep hard copy edition. This feature shot is of Jimmy Tomblin, visitor in July 2017. What a pumping day of waves that was! View the Feature here:

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Update on Prize Draw Aug 15, 2017: Our third consolation prize has been awarded to Meiliena Merka Ebert and her partner Gilbert, Congrats guys! Angel who won the main prize has given the prize away to her friend Matea, who’s father had entered using Angel’s email address. Thank you to everybody who entered 🙂

Update on Prize Draw Aug 05, 2017: We have given away one […]

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    Indo Surf & Linggo – January and February Surfing Indonesia, Where Is Least Crowded?

Indo Surf & Linggo – January and February Surfing Indonesia, Where Is Least Crowded?

Macaronis Resort identified as being one of the best bets visiting Indo during Southern hemisphere Summer months. Get your copy of Indo Surf and Linggo 2017 – 2018 Edition, the ultimate surf explorers wave and travel guide:

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Pasongan Bay: the surfing jewel of the Mentawai Islands

Over the last 20 years, the Mentawai Islands have become the most sought after surf destination in the world and the focus of intense surf media exposure and interest from surf travelers the world over. One of the jewels in the Mentawai crown is Macaronis. It is, without a doubt, one of the best waves in the world and riders of all levels are […]

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Macaronis, un poco de historia

Esta cadena de islas es bendecida con un gran número de olas de clase mundial, esto, combinado con la belleza tropical, la remota locación, el clima ecuatorial y la cultura fascinante de las comunidades indígenas ha hecho de estas islas uno de los destinos de surf más buscados del planeta.  Leer el artículo completo aquí

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Low Season Surfing Mentawai

Indonesia is blessed with some of the best waves in the world. Surfers flock here during the “peak surfing season” from April to October in pursuit of world class waves, warm tropical waters, in exotic destinations.

What’s relatively unknown is the unique opportunities that exist during summer months, referred to as “low season”, running from December to February. Nobody can deny swells are consistently larger […]

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January and February – Uncrowded Perfect Waves!

We’re remaining open in January and February which is a great time to score uncrowded perfect waves at Greenbush and Macaronis, as we’re right in the firing line of early season South swells!

After being fully booked over Christmas and New Years, we’ve had less than 4 lucky surfers visiting at one time since January 15th; February and March are looking much the same! […]

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Best Surf of the Year by Indovibes @ Macaronis Surf Resort

This is Indovibes selection of their best surf clips throughout the 2016 season. Some amazing surfing! Some are pro’s and some just regular bro’s! Thanks for such an awesome clip to top off your season at Macaronis Resort Indovibes! The most graceful boat dismount ever goes to Matt Scranage!! 🙂
The Best Surf Resort in the World – Macaronis Resort is Located in the […]

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    Surfing Doctors – Gunn Family Trip 2016 Macaronis Surf Resort

Surfing Doctors – Gunn Family Trip 2016 Macaronis Surf Resort

The Gunn Family are annually returning guests of Macaronis Resort. Dr David Gunn is always an awesome asset to have onsite,whether he is stitching up reef scrapes or running clinics in the local village. Macaronis Resort salute’s Dr Gunn and The Surfing Doctors Organisation for their continued support! We are looking forward to hosting the Gunn family again in 2017 🙂
Check out their awesome […]

Circular Letter Mentawai Dept. Tourism Re Surfer Tax

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On August 01, year 2016, Macaronis Resort has been notified by the Mentawai Government Tourism Department that socialization of new regional tourism Laws is now complete, and the tourism laws are now officially valid to all surfing visitors to Mentawai.

Regional Law No.08, Nov 25 Year 2015, states that foreign surfing visitors must pay a surfing tourism tax equivalent to Rp.1.000.000 (approx. AU $105) per […]

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Solar Eclipse Trip 2016 – Macaronis Surf Resort

In March 2016 Macaronis Resort hosted a large group of guests from around the world, many of which came especially to see the total Solar Eclipse that occurred on the 9th.

This awesome short film by Matt Dunbar really captures the special moments from the trip. We hope you enjoy it.

Clearing the Air on Recent Incident at Macaronis Wave

The surf media have sadly been involved in a recent defamation of Macaronis Resort regarding an incident that occurred between the charter boat, Huey, and local police on Friday October 9, 2015 around 11:00AM.

Our response is now necessary, as we have been receiving threats that have put our safety, and the many local families we support, in jeopardy.

Macaronis Resort was not involved in the […]

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Macaronis Board Guide – What to Ride at Macaronis

We’re often asked,
What boards are best for Macaronis?
What is the optimal quiver to pack?

The opportunity to share waves with surfers from around the world has allowed us useful insight into what designs work most consistently for traveling surfers to Macaronis.

While board design preferences are subjective and highly personal, we can’t help but notice that there are 3 designs that consistently perform across a range […]

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Absolute Perfection – Macaronis Wave & Resort

This is a beautiful edit put together by annually returning guest photographer Andy Potts. The video covers some of the best surf over the years he has been shooting with voices of Mentawai surfers talking about the wave and history of the resort. A beautiful film about a beautiful place.