The secret to scoring perfect uncrowded waves in the Mentawais is all about when and where you visit.

The key is to visit Southern Mentawai from November thru to March, and this is especially the case now, as more and more surfers are wanting to visit in peak season 2022. From mid-April until the end of August most weeks are already at full capacity, as many surfers have needed to reschedule their trips from 2020 or 2021 to 2022, so we highly recommend visiting as soon as possible to enjoy the kind of conditions you would normally only dream about!

November thru to March South swells are most common which are optimal for Macaronis, Greenbush, Rag’s Right and other nearby classic breaks. During these months, the majority of charter boats normally do not operate while carrying out their annual maintenance, and as most have been out of action for close to two years now, we’re expecting to continue seeing empty line-ups all the way up until at least March 2022, when some may recommence operating, depending on how things pan out in the coming months.

Macaronis Resort has remained open during the Covid-19 pandemic for those lucky enough to be able to reach us during these unusual times, and we’ve recently completed our annual maintenance in readiness for a busy year in 2022, so we’re pretty sure anybody visiting us this December thru to March will be completely stoked with our updated facilities and being rewarded with empty line-ups, meaning more perfect waves for you!

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What to Expect When Visiting November thru March

  • Uncrowded line-ups

  • Consistent world-class waves

  • South Swells optimal for Macaronis, Greenbush and other nearby breaks

  • Up to 30% discount available for surfers (or 50% off if booking before Nov 21st, for stays until Dec 31st)

  • All-time barrels just with a group of your friends or family

 Southern Mentawai During Low Crowd Season

Best Weeks to Visit to Really Maximize your Surf Trip

  • December –  December 01 – 17 we have just 2 guests booked and after that just 4-6 surfers each week until December 31st! If you are itching to surf perfect waves until your arms can’t paddle anymore, then December is the ideal time to visit! You will say just  “one more” a lot of times during your trip as the empty perfection will be hard to paddle away from. Not to mention this time is usually for family Christmas celebrations with a Christmas tree and Christmas lunch, and a traditional fireworks show on New Years’ Eve!  

  • December 31 to January 14 – Christmas Holidays – During these weeks there are usually no other resorts or charter boats operating in the area besides Macaronis Resort. There is no better time or place for empty line-ups with perfect waves.  Macaronis Resort also caters to non-surfers and kids providing daily fun and festive activities. This should be on everyone’s Christmas list!

  • January 14 to March 11 – Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinics – From January 14 to March 11, we are hosting our 5th annual Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinics. The clinics will run for 8 weeks. The clip below shows how effective and transformational one week at the clinics can be! When you combine our coach’s unique and effective coaching style with the perfection of Macaronis, you get progression like our surfers have never seen before.

Contact us to learn more or to save 50% off until Nov 30th for stays until Dec 31st, or to score huge savings on our surf coaching clinics.