Photo Above: Our 27 guests currently at Macaronis Resort, but it’s almost time to go home! In the coming 6-weeks, we have on average just 6 guests booked, so who’s keen to join us? Read on to know what to expect, also to hear about an investment opportunity to become an owner in Macaronis Resort.

The pandemic has been hard for all businesses, and it’s proven to be unpredictable. However, the one thing we’ve been sure of here at Macaronis Resort is that we’ve had to do everything possible to ensure that our large staff of over 40 Indonesian employees kept their jobs. At the same time ensuring that we provided an escape to paradise for surfers and guests to come to.

When the world was falling apart, we strived to make Macaronis Resort the place our surfers and guests could feel stoked, relaxed, and forget about the real world. We sought to make Macaronis Resort the place our staff felt secure during such unpredictable times. We are so grateful that thanks to the support of our guests, we have been able to do just that!

During the past 18 months, we have been lucky enough to host 986 weekly bookings (including 205 before the pandemic). Those weekly bookings were filled with stoked guests, scoring and surfing the best waves of their lives. It’s hard to think about the stresses of the pandemic when you’re getting barreled or surfing perfect walls, and we couldn’t be happier that we were able to offer our island as an escape for our guests!

Here at Macaronis, we are continually looking to improve, and when our guests offer feedback, we listen. We have been working on two significant improvements during the pandemic that we are stoked to share with you!

Fast Wifi –

Being in such a remote location, offering wifi that is fast and reliable has always been a challenge and a massive priority for us, and we couldn’t be happier that our new KA band V-sat internet connection is finally running and tested with very positive results!

We currently get 60 Mbps down and 5 Mbps Up speed. We recently had a customer stay with us, and this is what he said:

“The internet was not working so well; however, since fixing it (installing the new system), it’s even better than I imagined for such a remote location. Now work can be done no problem, and even using Netflix for entertainment is possible.”

So remote workers, digital nomads, or surfers that love fast wifi, it’s time for you to visit us!

The best part is you call the shots. Our setup allows you to surf when you want! Only have 30 minutes in between calls, no problem. Want to spend all day surfing and have lunch delivered to the break, no problem. Just let us know, and we’ll deliver it to you!

You will spend more time in the surf and less time on the boat, making it the perfect place to work remotely!

Family Suites – 

One frequent observation was regarding the lack of larger family-sized suites. So we’ve built 4!

Our new family-sized deluxe suites comfortably sleep a family of four at the ground level, with additional room for a fold-out bed and/or a baby’s cot for larger families, and kids under 6 years of age stay free!! Oh, and the Satellite TV connection in these rooms has over 60 channels!

We’ve been building our second villa throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Both villas are now fully furnished (suites 3 & 4 are slightly larger), while we are just finishing the landscaping and outdoor gazebos. These family suites are available to be booked at the current promotional rates, with a minimum of 3-guests, or you can book two guests at the promotional rates and pay for three, which still works out to be just USD 213.75 PP/Night!

So you no longer have to pick between a surf trip or a family trip; now, you can do both!

Want to own a little piece of paradise? 

Our family-sized deluxe suites have been built primarily for the owners of Macaronis Resort and their families. Currently, a limited opportunity exists to invest in Macaronis Resort and become an owner. Owners and their families get to enjoy two weeks of visitation entitlements annually, staying for free while also receiving a forecasted 5% return on investment and taking part in the capital growth of the business as an ordinary shareholder. Please enquire for details if this interests you – Investor Enquiries 


Above: A sneak preview of our new family-sized deluxe suites 1 and 2, much roomier than our twin share suites, with a sofa bed and convertible twins into a Queen-size bed.

When travel restrictions increase, the number of surfers in the line-up decreases!

Right now, as of July 15th, 2021, we have 27 guests staying with us, including 4 non-surfers, who have had an absolute blast!!

However, this will soon change, as Indonesia is experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak with restrictions being implemented, so we’re expecting guest numbers to decrease, as many of our long-term guests need to return home, while most future guests planning to visit us from outside of Indonesia have rescheduled their trips.

In the coming 6 weeks until September 3rd, we have an average of just 6 guests booked each week. Surfers in Indonesia, if you haven’t experienced staying at Macaronis Resort and surfing the legendary Southern Mentawai breaks including Macaronis (surf from dawn til’ dusk), Greenbush, Rag’s Right, Roxies, and Thunders, then now is the time to score these breaks all to yourself, with just a few friends!

The downside is the current pre-requisites to travel domestically. The upside is the perfect uncrowded surf that you will score when you reach Macaronis Resort. As always with surf travel, the harder it is to get somewhere, the greater the rewards, and right now certainly resonates along those lines…

Indonesia’s government has recently ruled that all airline passengers must have had at least their first vaccine shot, proven by showing a vaccination certificate at check-in (digital or physical), or passengers must arrive at the airport a minimum of three hours earlier in Bali or Jakarta to receive their first shot of the Provax vaccine (developed in the USA). International passengers arriving must have had their first vaccine shot (proven by digital or physical vaccination certificate), or must accept a vaccination shot on arrival and must quarantine for 8 X 24 hours in an approved quarantine hotel.

Indonesia is currently in a state of PPKM Darurat, or ‘Community Activity Restriction Enforcement,’ until July 20th. The Mentawai Fast ferry has halted operating for one week between July 13th – 20th, requesting all future passengers to undergo vaccinations before recommencement of operations, as is required by the current regulations for domestic travel. Overnight ferries, however, are continuing to operate, as usual, departing Padang to Sikakap on Tuesdays (recommended) and Saturdays.

Recently charter boats visiting Macaronis have been rare, or non-existent, meaning most of the time, the only surfers at Macaronis or visiting the surrounding breaks, are Macaronis Resort guests! We are back to there being totally uncrowded or empty line-ups surrounding us, and those willing to do the research and reach us during July and early August will definitely reap the rewards.

Contact us today if you’d like to experience the Southern Mentawais like it was 30 years ago, but staying in luxury at the Mentawai’s finest surfing resort from just USD 142.50 per night for an all-inclusive package, with a big lagoon-style swimming pool, friendly Indonesian hospitality, the best boats running from dawn til’ dusk, the best massages, and the world’s best and most consistent wave right on the doorstep (surf from dawn to dusk, quite literally!). Plus more of the world’s best waves within a 45-minute boat ride.

Key Take-aways:

  • Until July 20th there are PPKM Restrictions, during which time the Mentawai Fast ferry will not be operating, but you can still travel to and from Macaronis Resort on the overnight ferry. It might not be international standard transport, but it is safe and comfortable enough, and you will arrive earlier at the resort (traveling overnight) compared to taking the fast ferry.
  • The Tuesday overnight ferry (KM. Ambu Ambu) is preferred, as this ferry delivers our weekly supplies, and a speedboat will be available for pick-up/drop-off. If wanting to travel on Saturday from Padang (KM. Gembolo), for less than 4 guests, you may need to use motorbike taxi transport taking about the same time to reach the resort. An additional 1-2 bikes can carry surfboards and luggage (please enquire for further details).
  • You must check the travel requirements at your local airport and with the airlines. From Bali and Jakarta, you must provide 2 X RT-PCR negative tests taken over 48 hours, and provide a certificate of vaccination of at least the first dose. Free vaccinations are available if arriving a minimum of 3-hours before your flight from Bali or Jakarta during operational hours.
  • Uncrowded waves await. If you plan it properly and follow all of the steps, then you will reach us, and get to enjoy surfing some of the world’s most perfect waves in the peak surfing season, with very few others around. We continue to provide our regular photography packages to provide you with the memories to take home with you.