Indonesia has now reduced its hotel quarantine requirement to 5 days and the Indonesian government is setting up a 3 days hotel quarantine hub in Nusa Dua, Bali, that will first be available for Singaporeans and then will likely be extended to be made available to all Nationalities. Please read on for further info.

It is encouraging to see that all Balinese residents listed in the state civil registry have now been fully vaccinated, while 87% of Indonesians have had their first vaccination and 61% have had their second (click the link below to view the stats).

Indo has commenced its booster program on January 12th with 21 million citizens qualifying who are already double vaccinated with the first 21 million booster shots aimed to be completed in January.

Due to the discovery of the Omicron variant, in early December 2021, the Indonesian government increased its 4 days hotel quarantine policy to 10 days to mitigate the spread of infection over the Christmas and New Years holiday period, while citizens of certain countries were banned from entering Indonesia.

In the new year, hotel quarantine was reduced to 7 days, and bans on citizens travelling from certain countries were lifted.

On January 31st, the Indonesian government have further reduced hotel quarantine to 4 nights / 5 days (check the hotel quarantine options here), while also setting up a 3 days hotel quarantine hub for Singaporeans flying direct to Bali at Nusa Dua. This will likely be extended to other Nationalities later, also to support Bali’s first international flights arriving in more than 2 years (from Singapore).

We’re anticipating that as Indonesia completes its vaccination program, and as we near the peak tourist season of March – October, restrictions will be lifted further and hotel quarantine will eventually be abolished, enabling easier access for international visitors to Macaronis Resort. It is worth noting that Jet-Star still has flights scheduled to arrive from Australia in late February so this could be even closer!

We have more than two years’ worth of bookings that are eagerly awaiting to be able to visit us!

We highly recommend visiting this February or March to take advantage of the uncrowded line-ups before things open up again and more surfers begin to arrive. Hotel quarantine of 4 nights / 5 days is not a huge commitment, simply wash off the jet lag with a few days rest before coming to score empty barrels!

This is highly likely to be the last chance for surfers to enjoy consistently empty Macaronis, Greenbush and other classic breaks. The swell conditions in February are looking epic with plenty of swell on the horizon.

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