On August 01, year 2016, Macaronis Resort has been notified by the Mentawai Government Tourism Department that socialization of new regional tourism Laws is now complete, and the tourism laws are now officially valid to all surfing visitors to Mentawai.

Regional Law No.08, Nov 25 Year 2015, states that foreign surfing visitors must pay a surfing tourism tax equivalent to Rp.1.000.000 (approx. AU $105) per maximum 15 day stay (extendable). This tax is to be paid to the tourism office in Padang prior to your departure to Mentawai.


As we are licensed and legally responsible to ensure our company and guests abide by Indonesian laws, we hereby request compliance from all surfing visitors to pay the valid surfing tourism tax prior to your stay.

We thank you for your cooperation, and look forward to hosting you at the resort.


Macaronis Resort Management