From Tracks: “No where in the world has as many good waves as Indo. Fact. This is our ten best. Any we’ve missed?”

#1: Macaronis. (Need we read on?)

Here’s their recap:

Description: Macaronis has a fairly steep takeoff that leads straight into a perfect tube. It then winds down the reef for 250 yards, at a speed that is absolutely perfect for performance surfing.

History: Legend has it that landcampers first discovered the wave and named it after the diet they had been subsisting on for months. The first boats arrived in the early 90s and since then its been a staple for every Mentawai trip ever since.

Logistics: Choose between the land camp Macaronis Resort or the boat trip option. Or for the mad, a brutal and harsh tent and rice (and pasta of course) DIY experience.

Season/swell: Breaks from 2 to 8 feet, through the tides and maintains its form even when onshore.

We recommend the land camp, come visit!

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