March Spring Tide Sessions & Only 3 Surfers Booked – If it’s Not Pumping Waves, the Beers are on us!

Surprisingly, we only have 3-4 surfers booked from Saturday March 1st – Thursday March 27th. After March, Macaronis Resort will be busy throughout the rest of the peak season, currently with only a few spots remaining into July.

March has always been a quiet month, probably due to weather conditions and waves being good elsewhere. But the reality is, March is one of the best months to score perfect waves in the Ments’ before it starts getting busy.

This is particularly the case for Macaronis and Greenbush; with long period south swells common in March, and weather patterns becoming more variable, mostly with dry warm weather producing glassy or off-shore conditions.

Spring tides are ideal for surfing Greenbush in mornings and Macas in afternoons. This year, a week of spring tides fall between trip dates Sat Mar 01 – Mon and Mar 10 and Tue Mar 18 – Thu Mar 27. There are only 3 surfers booked on both of these trips…!! 

During past years, we have been preoccupied in March preparing for the busy season ahead, while scoring a few uncrowded waves ourselves. But as we are now open year round, we must confess just how good March actually is..!!

The majority of visitors in March are here for a more laid back atmosphere and less ‘frothers’ all-around.

To get an idea of what kind of conditions to expect, check out these two clips filmed during the spring tides of March 2013…

Mid March Spring Tides 2013 with Ry Craike & Creatures of Leisure Video

Late March Spring Tides 2013 with Jadson Andre Video

We cant recommend highly enough to visit during March spring tides – we are even willing to bet your beers on it..!!!

If visiting March 1 – 10 or March 18 – 27, and you don’t score glassy or offshore conditions, in the 3-6 foot range at some stage during your stay, the beers are on us..!!

March only comes around once a year, don’t let it go to waste!

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