With some nice lines realing off at the entrance to the lagoon, it was time to get everyone’s creativity out of the box with the Annual Fish Finger Challenge.

Guests, locals and staff teamed up to do something a little different this week. Locals and staff had a ball joining in all the fun…. Fishfingers is an amazing little wave ideal for beginners, and a lot of fun ‘just for the hell of it’ in between swells teaching others the love of surfing. We had staff surfing while watering potted plants, lots of tandems, and a very relaxed guest surfing his board sitting in a lawn chair pulling a Bintang from his esky. Who was the winner? See for yourself!

Check out all the shots on the Facebook Photo Album

Thanks to Boonga & Co for coordinating the event, guests and staff had a ball!!

Staff Surf Comp

staff surf comp


skinny kids