A quiet week of waves, but still some good days scored at Thunders by our Brasilian guests and a few fun, but smaller days at Macas. Nice to have the original “P-Land” discoverers and their families and friends along to visit April 17th – 24th, 2013.

Geographically the place has changed quite a bit in 33 years, but still Pak Martin had the photo on the wall in his home in Silabu of himself and Chris 33 years earlier. Nice to see the photos and hear the stories of the first surfers visiting Mentawai and surfing P-Land way back in 1980 and 1981.

Another decade went by before the wave was found again and renamed Macaronis. Thanks to Rodrigo, JP and the rest of the guys who came along, was a pleasure to meet you all..!!

Macaronis History

Macaronis was first discovered in 1980 by pioneer surf discoverers Chris Goodnow, Scott Wakefield and Tony Fitzpatrick, who originally named the break ‘P-Land’ on their first visit (after Pasangan Bay / Pagai Islands). Amazingly, considering our remote location, P-Land may in fact have been the first wave surfed in the Mentawai Islands.

Lances Right was discovered a full 10 years later, while Chris, Scott and Tony continued to keep their discovery a secret. They returned in 1981 with friend Tim Annand, and again on a boat trip in the 90’s, and we have now invited Chris, Scott, Tony and Tim back for a long over-due visit, their first visit to Macaronis staying on land in 32 years!

It was in 89 / 90, that surfers began camping out in the bay after the wave had been rediscovered and re-named Macaronis; due to Macaroni being the staple diet at the time for land dwelling surfers, plus the wave resembled a peace of Macaroni, perfectly shaped and hollow, bending as the wave peeled down the reef.

Check out this great TRACKS article on Finding Macaronis: Finding Macaronis by Stuart Nettle, Photos by Tony Fitzpatrick (2009) 

Photos from the Journey Back

Macaronis Discoverers Photo from 33 Years Ago

Pak Martin still has this photo on his home wall in Silabu of himself and Chris 33 years earlier