Despite there being no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in West Sumatra as at March 18th, at Macaronis Resort we are taking preventative measures very seriously to minimize the threat of the virus, as the safety of our guests, staff members, and the local community is our main priority. 

Some of the precautions we are taking are

  • Increased cleaning regime, regularly disinfecting contact areas throughout the resort and boats
  • Staff members are wearing protection when servicing rooms and when preparing meals with increased awareness of hygiene 
  • Hand sanitizer supplies are readily available throughout the resort public areas to encourage use by all guests and staff
  • Public bathrooms are closed and guests are using their own private bathrooms in their rooms
  • We have temporally discontinued Charter Boat visiting hours to reduce interaction with others who may have been exposed
  • We have a doctor booked to stay as a Special guest throughout 2020 and an isolation room ready in case somebody shows symptoms 
  • We have an evacuation plan to quickly move anybody to one of the testing centers in Padang if required.        

Our main priority is keeping our guests, staff and the local community safe. We are remaining vigilant to ensure every member of our team is contributing to keep Macaronis Resort a safe place to visit.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will continue to adapt to the circumstances as things progress. 

Important Updates From News Sources

Macaronis Resort remains open for a minority of guests able to stay with us during this time, subject to undergoing a health inspection prior to arrival.

The waves are still pumping, and its been very uncrowded, so apart from what is going on in transit, its all good in this part of the world, and we aim to keep it that way!

Specials – Something BIG is Coming!!

Our soon to be released Specials will allow Surfers total flexibility booking on unprecedented rates, and traveling up until the end of year 2021. There will be limited spots, so be sure to check back to this page soon! If interested to find out more, email [email protected]