Thank you to our donors at the Tasmanian fundraser and to those who donated online to raise AUD $42,132 to assist those affected by the October 25, 2010 tsunami.

We surveyed the villages located to the south, many have been wiped out completely like Tumalea, and have been relocated inland with new schools, medical centers and houses built by NGO’s and the Indonesian Government.

Tumalea Village is located remotely to the north of Macaronis, two people died as a result of the October 25 tsunami and all houses were lost. Over the past 12 months the villagers have been attempting to rebuild their houses 3-4 km inland, located up a winding river, also located far from the coast which will dramatically affect their lifestyle of living off the ocean.

All boats in the village were also lost, and we have found that the locals have only managed to erect frame work for their new houses (47 family houses in total), and still they must walk 3-4 hours to get to the nearest rough track that is accessible by a motorbike, where one can catch a lift of 3-4 hours to the nearest port town of Sikakap. The economy in the village is virtually dead, there are no shops at all, and the village has been basically surviving off the jungle, with a 4-6 weekly drop of rice from the local government.

On behalf of our donors, Macaronis Resort has donated a new communal long boat for the village powered by a 15hp Yamaha outboard engine (already in the village). The new longboat will allow the village to have much more simplified access to Sikakap port, bringing in supplies and allowing the village to commence trading once again.

Handing Over Long Boat


Above: Handing over of the communal longboat to Tumalea Village, funded by donors after the tsunami.

In addition, we had planned to put money toward timber cladding for all houses that were only timber frames with either cast iron or thatched roofing to keep the rain out. However, Mercy Corps has now taken on the job of assisting the villagers in cladding their houses. Therefore Macaronis Resort has instead put money toward a new 15 KVA generator (already in the village), and wiring up all the houses, with two light bulbs and a power point for each of the 47 houses. In addition, at the request of the village Head, we have also supplied a large TV for communal viewing with a Sat TV dish, allowing the village to regain contact with the outside world.

We have also employed Tumalae Village to supply Bamboo for construction of our bamboo fence which will surround the perimeter of Macaronis Resort.


Above: Signing of agreement with Tumalea Village, detailing where over AUD 10,000 in donors money would be spent to assist the village community. Locking hands, Right the Kepala Dusun (village chief), left Yon Mardjono Director Macaronis Resort, and center Mark Loughran Director Macaronis Resort.

And below are some ‘before’ shots of some of the buildings in Tumalea before… standby for future photos.


Above: A meeting with the main Silabu Village (unaffected by the tsunami) to request collection of our lost belongings after the tsunami collected by the villagers, and to announce assistance being provided to Tumalea, the northern most sub-district of Silabu.


Above: The local church, can you imagine how hot it is in there….




Above: Make shift house.



Above: The tarps have proven pretty handy in these parts…


Above: A new beginning…One of many, 47 in total, half built houses in Tumalea.


Above: The main street… no shops, no where to go really, just self reliance.

Finished School


Above: Finished Primary School

Donations Final Breakdown

We would like to make a special word of thanks to our sponsors, and those that helped out on the day of the Tasmanian fundraiser event to assist those affected by the October 25 Tsunami in 2010.

Jason Dundas (Getaway Surfboard)
Christiaan Bradley (Euroglass Custom Surfboard)
Christiaan Bradley & Stephen ‘Belly’ Bell (Euroglass – Kelly Slater Gear)
Nigel Lazenby (Limited Edition Prints)
Kit Hiller (Artwork)
Kim & Ken Loughran (Artwork)
Jazz, Cain & Katrina Lazenby (Artwork)
Chett Wiseman (Crayfish)
Zara & Cyril (Sisters Beach General Store 4 x $30- gift vouchers)
Rachelle Poke (Chille – home wares $110 Homewares Hamper)
Sharni King (Roxy Wetsuit)
John Cumming (Gunns – Load of Wood)
James Hutchison (Milch Surfboard)
John Van Der Woude (Canoe n Surf Surf Shop – 8 Beer Mug Set)
Christine Lillas (Artwork)
Jacqui Poke (Hand Made Jewellery)
Norm Wells (Photography)
Maree Porter (Toll Ship Return trip for 2 people + vehicle on the Toll Ship)
Michael Rowlands (Café Europa $100 voucher)
Nigel and Richard Morgan (Motel Strahan – Accommodation Voucher for 2 nights)
Lorraine McNeair (Artwork)
Jenny Cox (Makers Workshop Artwork and Paper Making Tour)
Ken Anderson (Fisher & Paykel washing machine)
Val Flemming (Silver Fox Clothing)
Catherine Barnett (National Foods Cheese Hamper)
Todd Clifford (Zest Wealth Advisers – Signed North Melbourne football jumper)
Sheree Maquire (Harcourts Circular Head – Gourmet Hamper)
Sheree Maquire (Harcourts Burnie – Gourmet Hamper)
Kim Tardio (Kidz Klobber Children’s, ladies and mens clothing)
Jess Maguire & Josh Ashman (Framed Photography Print – “Maccas at Sunset”)
Danny O’Donnell (Framed print –  “Macas Line up”)
Dane Poke & Kendall Evans (Xanders Restaurant $50 Voucher & Bottle of Wine)
Heather Woodward (Smithton Hair Care Studio 2 x Hair Care Products)
Anne King & Beryl Mcdonald (Kids – ‘tough Stuff’ Powered Tractor / front Loader)
Mick & Andrea McCullagh (West Park Plants Plus 2 x $50 vouchers)
Jade Loughran (Almond Spa Manicure & Earth SpaPedicure)
Greg Ling (Hand crafted timber wave Sculpture)
Rod and Kaylene Ashman (Carlton Football Club jumper autographed by Chris Judd)
Colin and Jo Winter (Winters Camera Center underwater surfing waterproof digital camera)
Ange Ramsden (Decadent Hair $50 Voucher)
Greenhams (1 Cape Grim scotch fillet cryovac)
Jeanette Pearce (2 massage vouchers)
Lindi Dornauf (Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm – Jams and Body Products)
Margaret Brown (Artwork)
Sharmans Butcher (2 x ‘BBQ Utensils in carry case’ 2 x ‘BBQ Utensils in carry case’ and discount on sausages for sausage sizzle)
Wendy Ellen (2 Gym Memberships)
Wendy Ellen (Artwork)
John Blackley (BCS Designs Wynyard Bended Glass Coffee Table – RRP $800)
Wendy Hancock (Massage Voucher)
Manager Wynyard Toyworld Board Game and Lucky Dip kids prizes
Wynyard Top Pub – MP3 player
Cam Conroy (Jim Beam Bar Fridge)
Bob Demeyer (Single Bed)
Craig Brooks (Contel Blue tooth headset & speaker phone hands free)
Melbourne Football Club (Melbourne Heroes Book autographed by Jim Stynes & bag)
Paul Arnold (Burnie Council Citylink Burnie – 4 x $50 Burnie Vouchers)
Paul Arnold Burnie Airport and REX (2 return airfares to Melbourne on REX)
Ben Armstrong (Sport First Burnie $100 gift voucher)
Jim and Kaye Forsyth (Tuffwear Burnie 2 x $50 vouchers)
Fabian Christoff (Restaurant 373, North Hobart, $150 Dining Voucher)
Jeremy Lyons (Burnie Aquatic Centre – Family Season Ticket to the pool)
Tony and Lisa Chatwin (TLC Aquatics – family swim voucher)
Victor (Red Herring – Billabong Large Travel Bag, $100 Gift Voucher)
Michelle and Rodney Gregson (WET Hairdressing GHD hair straightener RRP $310)
Camille O’Meara (Cadbury $50 Cadbury hamper)
Gaynor Cooney (Sisters Beach Resident – Quilted Sunflower)
Warren (Sisters Beach Resident – Antique Collector Glass Vase worth over $200)
Geoff Cannell (2 Artworks ‘Through the gate at grandmas garden’ and ‘Guide Falls’)
Karen Coles (Artwork – ‘Sao’s favourite’)
Karen Coles (Face Painting for the Kids)
Lynn Stares (Artwork)

Helpers On the day – Macaronis Resort Tsunami Fundraiser

Fire Station

Bob Demeyer



Cooking for the Cake Stall

Di Cumming
Catherine Barnett
Kath Forsyth
Kim Loughran
Trish Flint & Brad
Maree Porter
Diana Baird
Tricia Ferguson
Liz Knox
Lynn Hutch
Mrs Walsh



Jill Gregg
Renea Stubbs
(and I’m sure there were more)

Selling Raffle Tickets
Bernadette King
Susan Weeks
Piggsy and Icy
Anne King
Zara and Cyril
Kim and Ken

Linda (from the Fire Station)
Willow got the grog
Hibby helped organise grog

BBQ and Drinks
Rodney Gregg (BBQ)
Wayno the Wizard (BBQ)
Barry Porter (BBQ)
David Barnett (Sold drinks)
Zara and Cyril (helped with float, drinks, umbrellas, advertising at shop etc)

Auction Spotter
David Russell

Face Painter
Karen Cole

Other Big Helpers set up – clean up etc

Hutchy, Justin McKenna, Cam Conroy, Stubsy, Nichole and Bev, Lynn Hutch, Rodney Gregg, Wayno the Wizzard, Kimmy and Kenny – just about everyone did something.

And of course Fe, Cocainus and Kingy who organized the whole event..!!

Below are some of the words of encouragement we have received along the way from our online donors…

Our Sincere thankyou to everybody, once again.

Mark Loughran


Macaronis Resort

*In addition to online donors were numerous people who donated cash up front on the day or just prior, including Nick Grey from NG builders donating AUD 500 and Gerald Loughran who also donated AUD 500. We may not have mentioned everybody who kindly donated cash on the day or just prior, and if we have left anybody off the list, we do appologise. Please feel free to contact us if you think anybody has been left off this list and we will make any necessary corrections. Thankyou to everybody once again!!

NameCommentTotal Amt
Richard Lathammark really sorry for you and the staff. will send you a 1000-00 us dollars for the staff. i hope that this will help to see them through for a period of time. i will send them another thousand in a month or 2. just going to my car to get my credit card . will send it in an hour1000
Allan Loughranmark so much fun at maccas and lovely people in village and staff at reasort our thoughts are with you all photos of what it was still in shack from alpal heather jade bronte lily happy to give love alpal family*1000
Richard Lathamheres a further 1000-00 hope it helps. any further assistance ……..please ask will send again at the end of the month1000
Alison Loughran-Fowlds500
Bruce McQuittyMark, this must be devestating but thankfully no loss of life for your guests and staff. Thoughts are with those at Silabu village. All the best. Quince450
Rolly ColemanFrom Rolly(Clem) and Rosie Coleman300
Mike VanderfieldHey Mark, So sorry to hear the terrible news. Good luck to you and all who are there on the island. It must be heartbreaking. I hope this donation is of some help. Mike V. (guest 2006)300
Fabio SchulerHello Mark and friends, Here is a little help that we can send so far from Brazil. We have had one of the best times of our life’s over Macas. As soon as we can, we will contribute more to Macas and to the village. God bless u all. Use it the best way u can!\300
Martin Pundykmark, not sure whether u got my msg about a fundraiser last sat nite. anyway we raised a small amount at my band’s gig in coffs harbour which i’m sending through now. the gig was booked months ago but it was only on the friday that i figured we could use it to try and raise some money. it was very short notice but people and businesses helped out and at least we got something….$265 from the Mambo Slammers!. i’ll post some pics on facebook soon. all the best mark. i will keep in touch.\265
Bernard McKennaHi Mark ol pal really sorry 4 ya news take care and look after yourself God blees u mate xoxo\250
Richard AndrewsHi there Lock, Can’t believe it. Happy that everybody at the resort is OK. Good luck for the clean up and resurrection of the resort:) Chart and Gretch.x250
Stewart AllenHi Mark, Stewart Allen here, photographer with Longbreak magazine. Very sorry to hear your news, but grateful that no one at Macas was injured or worse. If you remember, I work at the Sunday Times newspaper in Perth. I’m wondering if a story on your situation might help raise some relief funds ? Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Best wishes. Stew.250
Rick SchockMark, Thank God for the 3 story round structure. As a builder for 40 yrs. I sat their this summer with my family and thought that was the one structure that might make it besides the block stuctures. When I saw Lee’a and Nova in the video I was in tears. Anything I can ever do, let me know. My family Janet, Ben and Joel send there Love. Rick p.S. would love to help with some of the rebuilding. Moving from our ranch in Calif. to Kauai next month, so we would be closer.210.66
Rhylla MorganTony Harrington told me about all the work you had done at Macaronis – so sad to hear of the devastation. Hope this little something helps with the effort to get you all back on your feet.200
Phillip Stone200
Adrian CraneGood luck Hope this helps Adrian Crane200
Steph and Leigh McNeirHi mark,i was unsure if the money had gone thru so glad u emailed me.As i said we are thinging of you all in this devasting and kaotic time. Regards steph and cavey x200
Kneisa Ralph200
Simone PrinsenbergGood luck with the clean up, I hope your surf resort and local community have a safe and fast recovery! -Simone, Nova Scotia, Canada200
Luiz LovaszOur prays go for all the affected by this terrible disaster. Luiz Lovasz & Family200
Phillip Stonejust want to wish mark and all the crew at maccarones, the amazing people from the villages in Pagai and the paradisical islands of the mentawis, and all the kids from cikakup – wish you all luck, hope and a a better future.200
Rhonda MeysDear Mark, So sorry to hear about the tsunami. Good luck with the rebuild – Macaroni’s will be better than ever. Rhonda, Heath and Holly Jansen150
Chantal MalherbeFrom All of us at All Aboard. Thinking of you and support the efforts to re-build the resort.150
Darren SwanepoelGood luck guys.150
Fernando Valbao Jnr150
Robert VeitSo sorry to see what happened. I just glad everyone is safe. I saw some pictures that don’t look good. I really hope its not that bad. I’ll be in Indo in December let me know if there is anything I can do to help.150
Ben Norton-SmithHey Mark, glad you survived, must of been horrific, watch out for the Hutchison clan as Bec and Sue Pearce were on Lankawi Is when the last tsunami hit. Glad to make a donation as I will be visiting you over there one day soon.120
Nicholas VanderpollHope this helps!110
Richard ReidWill also do a run around work this week and see what I can get out of the crew down there!100
Gene Teolis100
Alison GerstkampSending good thoughts and hope to everyone. A little help can go a long way.100
Holly Chapman100
Tony ParkesHi mark,I was on the barrenjoey a couple of years back and again this coming march 2011.we did come in and use your Internet last trip.hope to see you back up and running next march.100
Paul VineyHi Mark. Its just devastating to see what has happened to the resort especially after my recent holiday and getting to know the staff there. Please accept a small donation in the hope that I helps you and the people of Pagi Island. Widhing all the best in you endevors to get the resort cleaned up and back up operating at some level. Regards Paul100
Julie FraserMy son Tom was at the resort at the time. I am so grateful that he is ok. My thoughts are now with all those who aren’t as fortunate as us, who have lost loved ones, friends and livelihoods.100
Shane CavanaghGood luck Mark, my thoughts are with the staff and locals as well.100
Mark ArmstrongHey Mark, don’t really know what to say! Words fail but I hope you guys keep your chin up. Will check in on your web site for news. M.100
Shayne JuppI wish i could send more. Look forward to seeing the smiling faces of you and your staff on my next indo journey. Sampai Jumpa Lagi! Juppy, Nisha and Essie.100
Ray Richards100
Iduna Nuytens
tsunami relief fund
barbara Thompson100
Janey MacQueenHey Mark I’m pleased that you and your family and freinds are all safe. Wish there was more i could do to help than donate money but at this time that’s about all I can do. Take care buddy and goodluck xxjaney100
Alison GerstkampA little help can go a long way…sending good thoughts and hope to everyone.100
David Everett100
Pamela FugeTo All at Macaronis Resort, Please accept my small donation towards your appeal. I feel so sad about what has happened to you all. I did not kow about the resort until the tsunami ( what a beautiful place on your website) and am just devastated to know it has been destroyed and some of your staff missing and those left with no resort and therefore no job. Sincere Sympathy to all. Pamela Joy Fuge Sydney Australia.100
Jude TaylorGood luck Mark & Co with all the hard work ahead…so glad you are all ok…Cheers & love Jude the Rude XXXX100
Trent KingHey, buddy, we cant stop thinking about you and everyone affected. i hope this helps a little. good luck bro! love kingy, bernadette & isla xxx100
Emanuela CasadeiGod helps Indonesia100
Brian WilliamsGood luck with the clean up Mark, Willy100
Ben SawardLocky, Every little bit helps, thinking of you and the villages, I have no doubt you will get back on your feet and I will be able to bring Kel and Meg there one day, oh and the new one that’s in the oven… Sao Mao Gao100
Charles Van Nattajust for a few basics, be there as soon as you need hands. I know you’re still spinning, so I’m not going to come until you say jump. I am not without plans, but they went out the window and I’m just on hold til you say so, OK? I got tons of fishing gear and all kinds of accessories to donate too, so I have been on the phone with airlines and I’m all sorted as soon as I get the dates…Aloha and Bless you, Chuckles.100
JOSHUA LACARSo sad to see the resort destroyed. But most importantly, everyone is safe. I know my donation is not that much but hope it helps out some.100
Thiago Carriço de OlivieraHope the smile come back soon…100
Renito Schamann100
Eghardt BrandHope this little bit helps Donated by the Eghardt Brand Foundation and Hayley Brand100
Kaylene AshmanHi Mark Met you many years ago..Lynn Hutch’s sister, Mother of Josh and Auntie of Jess, and most of all Auntie to James. Thank God that everyone is safe, considering what happened.Good Luck in rebuilding and hope all is well with you. Regards Kaylene100
Lynn Hutchison
With love and support to the people of Pagai Tsunami
Barbara Thomson100
Dan Norton-Smith100
Tom Holland75
Juan ZalduaI hope everyone is fine and everything returns to be the same thing. Un abrazo fuerte!!!70
Lee BeckHi Mark, here is some money to help you, the staff and villagers in any way it can, im really saddened to hear about such a tragedy in such a beautiful place full of such wonderful people, take care mate and i hope to see macaronis resort up and running again because my stay there was by far the best holiday i have had in my life and im sure anyone who has been there will say the same,70
Aritz Lizundia Izagirre
Take care friends! best wishes…
Luiz Damiani50
Paul Phillips50
Byron SmithHope everyone is safe and well.50
Joe JosephHere is $50 to help out … $30 more than to anchor there when I surfed there in 2006 … Carrick elected not to stop because of the anchor fee to the locals? I was bummed because of it … Bruce and Andy were there, and I was thinking about that today with Andy’s passing … then came across the story of the damage you suffered. Sounds like the resort was a lifeline for those who needed it the most. God bless you and this donation. Aloha, Joe from Okinawa50
Luke WhitehouseHi Mark Good luck getting things back into shape mate. All the best, Luke50
Tom BessellG’day Lockie, Terrible to hear about the resort getting hit mate, hopefully you’ll rebuild bigger & better! Glad to hear everyone is OK. Hopefully catch up for a beer next time you’re back in Tas. Good luck with it all. Cheers, Tom & Claire Bessell50
Bronte Loughran50
Caleb Poimy heart gos out to you and your staff mark.many fond memories had at maccas. hoping u guys can get back up and reopen somtime soon..thinking of u guys ..good luck…caleb poi….50
Matt TurfreyHope this goes a little way to putting the place back together Lockie. Turf50
Kathy Northcott50
Norma & Paul Van NattaKeep up the good work.50
Marco RubeoI know things must difficult right now. I wish I could be of more help. Marco50
ange Mckennasorry we’re not there to help you mark…. wish we were…..cyber hug!!50
Riley Hannan
sad to hear, happy to help. hope to be in the mentawais in the near future and hope the area can get back to the way it was before this devastating disaster struck.
David Dair50
Fabian EnanoriaSo sad to hear about the resort. Last month was my first trip to the Mentawais. Everybody at the resort was unreal. Hope everything works out and will definitely go there again. Fabian50
Susan Weeks
Hi Mark, I hope the clean up is going well, I hope this small amount will help some of the people of the islands devistated by the tsunami. Cheers Susan.
Leisa Tyler50
philip Campbellhope this helps a bit,im waiting for payment on work, this is all i can spare at the moment wish i co,uld come and help with some building but it is not possable at the moment.all the best phil campbell.50
Justin MckennaGday Locky Glad everyone is ok, Good luck with the clean up and if you rebuild would love to get over there 1 day Peace Jase50
Phil HearpsI hope things are as good as they can be and the local villagers are getting some help.50
Paul and Patty PersonThank God that our nephew Seba and the others survived!50
Troy Mailhey Mark, good to hear everyone is ok shame about the camp though hey.. we,ll mate hope u can get some esentials with my donations.. keeep ha head up brother.. see ya next season hey.50
Luiz Fernando GambaUnderstanding the earth…50
Nick BourkeI hope go to Macaroni’s in 2012. I hope this small donation can help in any way at this difficult, unpredictable time. Thinking of your staff & friends/family in the area50
Gemma MuzzioWe have Seba Cavalllo arriving at our house today from your resort. I am so glad he is alive and well. He is a very cherished friend of ours. I hope the clean up goes well and that all friends and family are found. My husband and i plan to visit Macas one day. Sending you love and positive energy. Gemma Muzzio50
Gary EganHi Loki spoke to stick yesterday gutted for you guys will talk to puck and see if he can help you out with getting some still to Padang they ere in full production and the bore water can be put through at 100 litres per hour as a filter I will let stick know what I canorganise chin up mate we are thinking of you50
Talon Clemow
hoping that the crew that you have working there can rest easy and find their loved ones! cheers talon
Paul and Liz Parnell50
Mark Howard50
Marcelus VianaHad the best time in Marcaronis. Keep it up! Cheers50
Jeff Hill
Tim Walpole50
Laurenz Sunyotohi mark, hope all well and will recover soon God Bless laurenz G-land joyo’s camp50
Kevin BarnettShared a beer with ya Mark back in may 09 after surfing maccas on an amazing sunset. Glad you’re safe, good luck. Sorry so little donation but money is skinny over in the states these days. Kevin PS I have a great photo of you with your daughter. I’ll email it to ya since I see your email address above.50
Theo KallisDear Mark & Maccas Crew, Sorry to hear about the devastation. I stayed in those bungalows once. Glad everyone is ok. Hope the re build goes well and we will definitely re visit. Cheers, Theo50
Colin RichardsGutted to hear of yet another indonesian disaster. Helen and I stayed with you a couple of years ago)when Robbie Page was in residence). Glad to hear everyone is OK and hope you guys manage to get everything back up and running. Good luck.50
Simon HolmesI wish i could donate more. good luck with the re-build and i hope to be back at the resort one day in the future getting shacked in paradise (if the reef isnt to damaged!!!!!)50
Lisa WattsSending you lots of strength and courage xox50
Nigel PilkingtonHey Mark, So sad to hear about the damage at the resort, I hope you decide to rebuild again bigger and better. Had a great time at Macca’s with Hutchi and the crew thanks to you and all your staff. I hope you, Nova, QiQi and all the rest are ok. Hopefully this small donation helps towards all those on the island rebuild their lives. All the best, Nigel Pilkington50
Hayley Mascali50
Carmen Williams (Wragg)50
Robert MitchellGood luck Mark50
Paul Regnault
Mark and crew. All the best with the clean up!
Belinda Hutchison50
Kim Frazer (Stephens)Hi Mark, so sorry to hear about your resort. Thinking of you and staff and know that you will all get back on your feet. Good luck with it all, Kim40
Tony HarringtonHey guys, wishing you all the best with the redevelopment, would love to help where ever I could. I’m an electrician as well and surf photographer! Best regards, Tony Harrington40
Jay HarrisBest wishes from Sydney Australia, I hope every is in good spirits after the disaster. I hope your staff, family and friends are ok! Jay Harris Sydney, Australia40
Lauro AlmeidaCheers Mark , i wish from the botton of my heart that you’ll bild that place again and come back fully recovered to help those beautiful people from the village . God bless you . Aloha >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>30
Roberto AzevedoMark, Firstly hoping that everyone involved in keeping the Resort get back to their normal life. Then, sincerely hoping that the possibilities of surfing joy made possible by you and crew get to be restored. Cheers, Robert Rio de Janeiro/Brasil Last time at Macaronis april 2009.30
Chris BurkhardtGood luck with the clean up!! help the locals and get the resort cleaned up!! our prayers are with you guys cheers Chris Kenny and Jeff30
Brent MillsHi Mark, So sorry to hear all that is going on. Good luck with the repairs. Regards, Brent & Nikki25
David WitneyOur prayers and thoughts are with you all.*25
Sukee ChewLooks like a beautiful resort – I hope I get the opportunity to visit sometime. I haven’t donated much but I hope some of it will provide for the local community and your staff. Blessings.25
Bronnie Kay
Wish i could help out more! thinking of you all during this crazy time! best wishes love Bron
William Bret Webster25
Kevin SeiterAloha Mark. Here’s a few bucks. Like you said, if everyone put in $10 it would go a long way. I’ll be in Bali in April for 2 weeks. Aloha Crusty25
Bruno Tschanz20
Brock KerslakeG’day Mark – good luck for the journey ahead – Brock*20
Andrew Shanahan
stay strong, big ups from Andy at Simeulue.
Graham Myhre20
Lee Macgregorthinking of you all wish there was more i could do20
Nic PageHi Mark – sorry to hear about the damage, I hope you get back on your feet soon. Nic20
Wayne RichardsonOur thoughts are with you all20
Greg and Sinta Walker
good luck
Andrew Dwyer20
robert DashIm so shocked and what has happened to you at maccas, and to everywhere else affected.It is a miricle that you made it out. I wish i could be there to help you out, with things. I really hope that in time you can re-group re-build and get the magic that is maccas back. i hope to see you out there again20
Peter ClarkeBest wishes to those affected by this tragedy.20
Simon TienThis is not much but hope it helps in the disaster20
Patrick O’gareyHope this helps. Every penny counts.*20
Me McKennaAll the best in the clean up mark x20
Scott Carrington20
Donna Keepersgood luck with the rebuilding of not only the structures that were swept away in this terrible tragedy but also the rebuilding of your lives and spirits, donna keepers20
Rachel BroomhallHey Mark, Sorry to hear what happened, very glad you’re all safe. Good luck with it all and hope you have the resort up and running again soon Rachel xx20
Matthew GrazianoHope this small amount can help. It would be good to see pics of the place; at your convenience. How’s Silabu village? Take care and God bless! Your friend, Matt20
Erwin Chow20
Tom ShandSorry to hear about the Tsunami Mark. Good luck with the cleanup & repairs! Its a small amount but hopefully they all help. regards, Tom20
Samantha Haines20
Jaden TeaselNot much But anything helps hope things start going your way mark from jaden15
Fabio KaczalaHi Mark, i am so sorry for everything….but at the same time really glad all of you are OK! What a miracle! keep it up mate…Soon the Macarronis Resort will be up and rebuilt for the next seasons. Never give up! Here is a small contribution but i hope it can be of some help. All the best and god bless you all! Fabio Kaczala15
Hans Gregor Wiedner15
rebecca Lee15
Mike RinkeMy thoughts are with you all at Macaronis. I’m happy everyone is safe. I look forward to returning to the island as soon as possible.15
Heather WoltersPlease keep your heads up in this terrible time… praying you get your paradise back…10
Bruno Hornettstrength10
Sergio Dos SantosHi Mark, It’s Sergio from Brazil….i hope that everything is ok…10
Viviane BeiroHi there, Honestly, I hope this little donation can be added to millions more and help release a bit of pain in this paradise on earth. Good luck and keep strong, Viviane10
Mark Garryso sorry to hear the bad news I know every little bit counts and i hope mine helps. Take care and keep your dreams alive!10
Finola Dwi MustikaGod will bring us through10
Liana Hayze
Hi Mark, firstly glad to read that you and your staff are all safe and accounted for. Wishing you all the best for the recovery. Lianaxx
Kathryn Jones10
Daniel Howard10
Craig Ashcroft10
Kesha AyersMy Fiancee is from Sumatra, luckily he is in Bali and his family in Sumatra are safe. It breaks my heart to think of the devastation as this is a place that is so dear in my heart.5
Thomas Alascio
Sorry its so little but I hope it helps. Prayers for you and your families!