The surf media have sadly been involved in a recent defamation of Macaronis Resort regarding an incident that occurred between the charter boat, Huey, and local police on Friday October 9, 2015 around 11:00AM.

Our response is now necessary, as we have been receiving threats that have put our safety, and the many local families we support, in jeopardy.

Macaronis Resort was not involved in the shot fired by police that took place at Macaronis wave last week.

Just like you, we only heard stories about the incident after it occurred.

The surf media has been publishing this story, which was brought to them directly from the charter boat, Huey, in an effort to defame Macaronis Resort.

Most of the articles have been based on extremely biased quotes by those who wish ill will on the resort or by people who are making assumptions based on rumors and misinformation.

The incident that took place was caused by Huey violating a local law, and a local police officer who was enforcing that day.

The regulation, put in place by the Mentawai Government in 2009, and reinforced at government meetings held in 2012 and 2014, regulates the overpopulation of boats in Pasangan Bay (at Macaronis wave), by allowing any and all charter boats access, limit 2 boats per day, by reservation.

This was an action taken by the local government in order to sustain the delicate environment and support the local community, while still providing sustainable public access to all visitors.

(Update: Statement Added) Reference:

From what witnesses have told Resort management, Huey entered the bay as the third boat without a reservation and refused to leave. When police approached Huey, and asked them to leave, Huey ignored them and after a long waiting period a police officer fired a shot into the air to get their attention.

(Update: Statement Added) Direct witnesses told Resort management that there was a single shot fired into the air by a police officer while parked next to the Charter boat Huey. The police officer did not board the boat Huey at all, and the shot was fired directly into the air after the police officer was repetitively ignored when asking to speak with the captain of the boat, and due to conflict beginning to arise between the crew of Huey and village staff involved in regulating the moorings. (End Update)

The shot was not fired at any boats or surfers; it was fired directly into the sky.

Macaronis Resort was as shocked as anyone to hear that this shot was fired. Macaronis Resort does not condone the use of firearms and would never encourage the local law to take such actions, nor do we have any control over local law enforcement.

We were told by the police that the police officer in charge was following law enforcement procedure. The resort is no way responsible for the way in which Indonesian police act to enforce their laws, or toward offenders of the law.

Macaronis Resort has requested the police provide a written statement to clarify their actions in relation to the incident (currently in process), and also to clarify the legal situation relating to the twin mooring system.

This is a conflict which has arisen between a police officer and the boat Huey, and Macaronis Resort does not accept any responsibility over this matter.

Macaronis Resort does not condone breaking of local laws, or the use of firearms in any situation.

Macaronis Resort encourages charter boats to communicate their visit by booking a mooring in advance and complying with the local regulations in order to avoid conflict with the local law enforcement.

(Update: Statement Added) The twin mooring policy allowing 2 charter boats to tie up beside the wave each day, benefits the local community and all visiting surfers to Macaronis, including charter boat visitors. When one or more boats ignore the regulation, those who have booked their spot are affected. (End Update)

We are deeply saddened by this incident, and hope that those who have taken the time to read the articles and comments can see the truth behind this story.

We have noted that most of those making objective claims or abusive comments towards the resort on social media are charter boat operators themselves (or their friends/employees), and the allegations made are purely an attempt to defame the face of Macaronis Resort.

Macaronis Resort respects the local village, local law, and all traveling surfers and wishes no harm on anyone.

We are happy to share waves with visiting charter boats and we have never and will never claim Macaronis wave as our own, it is not.

If you have specific questions, please direct them to [email protected]

Please note, an excerpt from our staff manual has been removed for security reasons.