Macaronis Resort – Mid August

Macaronis hosted a diverse group of guests from all over the world. This edit contains some great footage of Macaronis, Mini Macaronis and Greenbush and fun family activities. Footage by Julius Wau Wau and Paul Hulu and Edit by GNGPhotographers/Videographers.

Late July to Early August

The Indian Ocean swell producing machine went into overdrive in late July and early August. Macaronis was one of the few places that could still handle the swell size for those keen to take it on. Big barrels and big beatings! Enjoy. Video footage by Jordan Godley, Mick Andrews and Julius Wauwau. Edit by GnG Photography/videography.

Epic Mid July 2018

The crew from North Narabeen had their annual trip to Macaronis in July and scored some epic conditions for the duration of their stay. Video by Mick Andrews Photography and Jordan Godley. Edit by GnG Photography/videography.

Mid June Tubefest

This edit features excellent mid June conditions at Macaronis and includes footage from a host of guests from around the world and starring our friend, the Macaronis barrel king, Roger Rocha. Footage by Julius Wau Wau and TYGPhoto. Edit by GNG Photography / Videography.

Macaronis – June Action

In this edit of June at Macaronis Resort, the girls featured strongly in the action, with some great surfing and great times shared over a drink or two.

Macaronis Resort – Early June Highlights

June delivered some great conditions at Macaronis and our guests enjoyed a wide range of activities in and out of the water.

Late May Shredoff – Macaronis Resort

Enjoy this late May edit of high performance surfing featuring WQS shredder, Sandon Whittaker, Macas Resort Surf Guide, Matt Grainger and our high energy Brazilian friend, Fred de’Orey, and a host of other crew. Footage by Makalani and Paul Hulu. Edit by GNGphotogs.The Best Surf Resort in the World – Macaronis Resort is Located in the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra Indonesia at the famous wave, […]

Macaronis Resort – Early to Mid May

Early to Mid May action at Macaronis with lots of fun activities out of the surf and in the surf. Paul Hulu and Makalani . Edit by GnGPhotogs.

Late April – Early May at Macaronis Resort

Some great waves and conditions as we warm up for peak season at Macaronis Resort. Footage by Julius Wau Wau and TYGPhoto. Edit by GNGPhotog.

Late April 2018 – Macaronis Resort

Late April offered up some great conditions at Macaronis and there were a heap of other fun activities enjoyed by all our guests. Footage by Julius Wau Wau and TYGPhoto. Edit by GNGPhotog.

Macaronis Resort – Early April 2018

Early April delivered lots of fun family activities and many good friends returning for their annual visit to Macaronis Resort. Footage by Julius Wau Wau and TYGphoto and edit by GnG Photography/videography.

Macaronis Resort – Late March 2018

Mid to late March had its moments at Macaronis. The swell was not quite as solid as in previous years but there were some very nice conditions and everyone got their fare share. Videos by Julius Wau and TYGPhoto. Edit by GNGphotogs.

Macaronis Resort – Early March 2018

Early March continued the great early season conditions we are experiencing in the Mentawais. Quality Macaronis and a little bit of Greenbush magic. Enjoy this edit by GNGPhotogs.

Macaronis Resort – February 2018

February delivered high quality conditions to the Southern Mentawai Islands. We get quality surf all year round and this time of year has some of the least crowded conditions in all of Indonesia. Enjoy this edit by @GNGphotogs

Intermediate Surf Clinic Jan 27 – Feb 05, 2018 – Week 2

Macaronis Resort hosts Intermediate, Elite, Holistic and all Women Surf Clinics at different times of the year. The next Intermediate Surf Clinic is planned to be late Sat Jan 19 – Mon Feb 18 (4 weeks), year 2019. Refer to our website for trip dates and availability. The package includes professional surf coaching, surf and lifestyle photography and regular trip inclusions. This represents great […]