Macaronis Resort Videos Featuring the Latest Waves & Surf

Sylvi’s World at Macaronis Resort

Sylvi Bodi, Hungarian Model, Mermaid & Ocean lover visited Macaronis Resort in 2018, scored epic waves and had an absolute blast. Check out the full video of Sylvi’s adventure from Bali to Macaronis Resort, showing some amazing scenery, local villages, fast ferry transport, and of course epic waves! Thank you […]

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Late July to Early August

The Indian Ocean swell producing machine went into overdrive in late July and early August. Macaronis was one of the few places that could still handle the swell size for those keen to take it on. Big barrels and big beatings! Enjoy. Video footage by Jordan Godley, Mick Andrews and […]

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Epic Mid July 2018

The crew from North Narabeen had their annual trip to Macaronis in July and scored some epic conditions for the duration of their stay. Video by Mick Andrews Photography and Jordan Godley. Edit by GnG Photography/videography.

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Mid June Tubefest

This edit features excellent mid June conditions at Macaronis and includes footage from a host of guests from around the world and starring our friend, the Macaronis barrel king, Roger Rocha. Footage by Julius Wau Wau and TYGPhoto. Edit by GNG Photography / Videography.

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