Review Booking

You can search and review your booking by entering your surname and booking number into our online booking system. Here you can also add or change your card details, or add multiple cards to split a payment.

Macaronis Resort is Level 1 PCI compliant using Stripe Payment Gateway, which stores your card details securely without allowing us or anybody else to view them (only the last 4 digits are displayed).

Stripe does not provide a submission box to enter an amount. Instead, we state in our terms and conditions the amount/s that will be charged on submission of your card details.

A 30% deposit is required when booking more than 60 days before trip commencement, balance payment is due 60 days before trip commencement (must be paid within 15 days, you will be notified), and full payment is required if booking within 60 days of trip commencement.

If preferring to pay by installments, please contact us. To understand our payment conditions in detail, please read our Terms and Conditions of Booking

On November 30th we changed our pricing from AUD to USD, follow the guideline below to know where to search

AUD Searh Bar – If you booked prior to November 30, 2019

USD Search Bar – If you booked following December 1, 2019

*Currently in progress – USD Review Booking Engine Coming Soon!