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Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinic – Year 2019

In January and February, year 2019, Macaronis Resort is again offering Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinics, two of duration 8 days surfing / 7 resort nights, one of duration 10 days / 9 resort nights (optional 7 nights coaching, slightly cheaper), and the last is 6 surfing days / 5 resort nights.

All trips use the Mentawai Fast, taking just 4.5 hours to reach the Mentawai Islands in comfort, with a DIRECT transfer available February 17th at the end of the longer 9 night trip, and at the beginning of our shortest 5 night / 6 surfing days trip. View further information on our Trip Schedule

The packaged price in year 2019 remains the same as year 2018, apart from an AU $50 increase in round trip transfer costs and AU $75.00 surcharge being applicable if traveling DIRECT aboard the Mentawai Fast to or from Macaronis, taking just 4.5 hours.

Package price per surfer, which include most items (see below), is AU $3035  if booking a private room package or AU $2825 if booking a shared room package with another surfer. This includes transfers with surf boards and luggage aboard Mentawai Fast, Mentawai Surf Tax (valid 15 days), Surf Coaching and Photography. There are also prices for kids and family. View full package pricing in the expandable menu at the bottom of this page.


In year 2018, Macaronis Resort partnered with Clayton Surf Coaching and Shayne Nienaber Photography to host two very successful Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinics featured on Swellnet, which commenced Sat January 20th and concluded Mon February 5th – 2 trips of duration 8 days surfing / 9 nights.

See below photos and movies made during the intermediate Surf Coaching Clinics held in Jan & Feb, year 2018.

Week 1 Movie / Photo Album 

Week 2 Movie / Photo Album

Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinic Blog

For further information on upcoming year 2019 clinics, click on the expandable menu below.

Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinics offer a unique opportunity for Intermediate surfers to quickly improve their surfing skills and technique with high quality surf coaching provided by Clayton Surf Coaching at one of the world’s great surf breaks, Macaronis.

Macaronis is considered the ideal venue due to year round and day to day consistency, breaking perfectly in all tides and most wind conditions, and due to the speed and angle at which the wave breaks, the length of ride, and forgiving mainly flat bottom reef.

Clayton Surf Coaching will provide video play back and real time surf coaching, theory sessions focusing on surfing equipment in relation to performance, and loads of out of the water technique drills, enabling intermediate surfers to quickly improve their surfing skills and technique with background knowledge of equipment.

Those taking part need to book between the dates Sat Jan 19th – Mon Feb 23rd, year 2019. Two DIRECT transfers using Mentawai Fast are available during this time taking just 4.5 hours between Padang and Macaronis, view our Trip Schedule for further details.

The Venue
Macaronis Resort
Macaronis Resort from the air
Macaronis Mentawais

Macaronis Resort is the ultimate venue to host a surf coaching clinic. In addition to Intermediate Surf Coaching Clinics held in Jan and Feb year 2018, we’ve previously hosted ‘Surf Simply‘ in year 2012 and in recent years Manly Surf School have regularly hosted their elite surf coaching clinics (twice in 2017, and one planned for 2018).

By taking part in our intermediate surf coaching clinics, participants quickly improve their surfing skills while acquiring a wealth of knowledge from Clayton Surf Coaching, with photography and filming provided by Shayne Nienabar Photography.

Theory and video playback classes are held in the bar and restaurant, while in the water Clayton provides real time surf coaching with Shayne collecting footage and photos, also with assistance from resort surf guide and photographer.

The event is aimed at being a fun and educational experience for any age group, ultimately aimed at each participant going home a much improved surfer with aspects to keep working on. We’re pretty sure there is no other wave on earth where a surfer can improve their surfing ability so quickly.

Many professional surfers have stayed at Macaronis Resort aiming to refine their surfing technique and skills, often winning events shortly afterwards. The consistency and perfect breaking speed and angle of the wave (much like a surfers half-pipe), makes this the perfect venue for practicing maneuvers, turns, or working on technique.

Regular services and facilities are available, with surf photography and coaching included as a part of the package.

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Clayton Surf Coaching
Clayton breaking down the techniques


Clayton Nienaber surfing

Based on the Gold Coast, Clayton Nienaber is a Level 2 ISA Coach. Originally from South Africa, Clayton has served as South African coach for Seniors, Juniors, and Longboarders, and has previously been involved in coaching the South African Junior Team at ISA Games in France, Brazil and California.

Clayton has coached in Indonesia, Japan, South America, Canary Islands, Spain, and the UK. He has worked with surfers of the caliber of Jordy Smith, Travis Logie and Ricky Basnett. Clayton is also an experienced surf board shaper and can bridge the nexus between technique and surfing equipment to deepen your understanding of surfboard design.

Filming your surf sessions will assist Clayton in providing a detailed analysis on your surfing technique, and where improvements need to be made. Throughout the week, you’ll be given practical and theoretical instruction to improve your surfing skills and style, and increasing your knowledge of the technical aspects of surfing equipment.

Podcast Interview with surf coach Clayton Nienaber 

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** Google Clayton Nienaber and you will find various places Clayton has worked, or is still currently employed as a professional surf coach.

Shayne Nienaber Photography
Shayne Nienaber surf photographer
Shayne is a professional, freelance photographer on the Gold Coast of Australia, with a style consisting of creative and energetic imagery. His work has featured in:

  • Surfing Life magazine
  • White Horses magazine
  • Zig Zag magazine
  • Bride magazine
  • Gold Coast Surf magazine
  • Sin Eyewear cattalogue
  • Cross Fit cattalogue
  • On A Mission cattalogues
  • Clayton Surfboards

On any given day, you will find Shayne treading water for hours, waiting to capture that unique shot. Shayne prides himself on satisfying client expectations and being a perfectionist.

Shayne has more than 9 years of experience in photography and has traveled to the Maldives, Philippines, Indonesia, New Caledonia, South Africa, Fiji and Europe to expand his portfolio.

In his spare time, Shayne enjoys surfing, jet skiing and spending time with family and his dog, Mylo.

Recently released 17th Nov 2017 – Interview with surf photographer Shayne Nienaber

Shayne’s Website:

Surf Coaching Packages

Nightly Rate: AU $355 – Includes Surf Coaching & Photography, 7 Nights / 8 Surfing Days = AU $2485
Round-trip Airport-Resort-Airport Transfers Guest & Surfboards = AU $450
Mentawai Surfer Tax = AU $100
​TOTAL​: AU $3035 pp

SURFER PACKAGE – TWIN ROOM (Two Adult Surfers Sharing):
Nightly Rate: AU $325 – Includes Surf Coaching & Photography, 7 Nights / 8 Surfing Days = AU $2275
Round-trip Airport-Resort-Airport Transfers Guest & Surfboards = AU $450
Mentawai Surfer Tax = AU $100
​TOTAL​: AU $2825 pp

Nightly Rate: AU $ 260 – Includes Surf Coaching & Photography, 7 Nights / 8 Surfing Days = AU $1820
Round-trip Airport-Resort-Airport Transfers Guest & Surfboards = AU $450
Mentawai Surfer Tax = AU $100
​TOTAL​: AU $2370 pp

* Non-Surfers & Beginner Surfers are also welcome @ AU $195 per night (sharing) OR AU $250 per night (private room), please enquire for further details.



  • Surf Coaching by Clayton Nienaber Surf Coaching – Clayton Nienaber is a world class surf coach with a wealth of experience coaching all levels of surfers (see Bio for more info)
  • Surf photography package by Shayne Nienaber. Shayne is a professional, freelance photographer specializing in surf photography (see Bio for more info)
  • 3 meals daily from our weekly set menu with BBQ buffet dinner served twice weekly. ​Continental breakfast buffet and hot breakfast menu included, ​baked goods & fresh fruit​ in the afternoons; appetisers & dessert with dinner!
  • Basic beverages (coffee, tea, juice, milk​, soy milk ​&​ ​filtered water)​
  • A​ir Con. ​suite​ (​ocean​/lagoon views), daily cleaning, hot shower,​ ​TV​ &​ DVD, movie channels​, & ​Macas ​Live Surf Cam
  • ​Wifi in-room & through​​out the main guest areas​
  • ​​All surf boat transfers​ & ​recreational boat use
  • ​Use of all recreational equipment (​soft-top surfboards, snorkel​ling gear​, SUP’s, kayaks, fishing, spear fishing equipment etc.)
  • Stainless drinking flask – disposable plastic bottles are banned from the island
  • Local ​Silabu Village tour ​&​ donation

Items purchased over the bar such as:

  • Massage & spa treatments
  • High-performance surfboard rentals
  • Laundry service
  • ​Extra meals, snacks or drinks​​ ​from the bar menu​
  • Surf board Art


Surf Clinic Enquiry form

  • * Only intermediate surfers accepted. Advanced surfers will be offered elite surfing clinic options on different dates. Beginner surfers always welcome.
  • Careful!! hitting the ENTER or RETURN keys will send the form!
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