Mooring Use at Macaronis

The Twin Mooring System was originally introduced at Macaronis in year 2010 in accordance with Mentawai Tourism Regulation No.16.

Industry meetings called by the regional and provincial government in years 2012 and 2014 confirmed the twin mooring system is beneficial to promote sustainable tourism and co-existence between Macaronis Resort, visiting charter boats and the local community.

New tourism regulations becoming valid since August 01 year 2016 further support sustainable tourism and continuation of the twin mooring system under supervision of the Mentawai Department of Tourism.

Certified translations of new tourism laws will soon be available to view on this website.

The twin mooring system was originally implemented in compliance with Public notice issued by Head of Mentawai Government Feb 2009

Circular Letter August 01 2016

Link to Make a Mooring Reservation

We have been advised charter boats operating in the region are currently processing their tourism licenses. While there is still occasionally some non-compliance (taking time for officers to move on extra boats in mornings), we are told from 2017 all boats must be licensed and compliant with the new tourism regulations.