We have recently updated our Customer Satisfaction Survey, allowing us to continue to act on guest feedback to improve the quality of the services and facilities we provide.

We are currently seeking a hospitality Manager and Head Chef, to coordinate 4 weekly dry stock rotations, as well as offering a wider selection tropical fruits and healthy meals, with choice, tasty vegetarian and lean meat options, specializing in seafood. Plus, ensuring our onsite chefs are always trained and kept up to date with special dietary requirements.

With an increased range of seasonal tropical fruits on offer from the breakfast buffet and throughout the day, these make fantastic iced fresh juices, which will be on offer throughout the day over the bar, as well as regular refreshments and snacks.

Guest rooms are having a make-over, with new mattresses, fresh overlays and mattress protectors, new pillows and bolsters, to provide the most comfy sleep in the Mentawai Islands. Our cozy sized rooms air-condition nicely, so our new bedding combined with general make over and upgrade of hot shower heads, will have our guest rooms offering a new level of comfort and quality (upgrades soon to commence, during our late season maintenance period).

A Medical Clinic has been in the works for quite some time, now ready for furnishing. The clinic will be offering accommodation to Surfing Doctors partaking in humanitarian initiatives undertaken by the Pagai Foundation (also environmental initiatives), to keep in stock a larger range of medical supplies and equipment, in case of a medical emergency. Stay tuned for further info!

V-sat internet currently provided by IndoNusa, is a facility we are continuing to investigate to improve the speed of internet available on the island for guests, and management. At the moment, it is suitable for most purposes such as email and social media use, but we are on the look out for higher speed internet always, despite the limited options available in our remote location. We aim to have an improved service available in 2019.

Arrival of our new 11.5 meter Twin 300 hp Aluminum Power Cat, will provide more comfy transfers between Macaronis and Mentawai Ports, plus a great spot to hang out and watch the surf and chill in the afternoons, plus partaking in other recreational activities and day trips. We are also planning to deepen the channel into the lagoon, plus rehabilitate the waterfront which has been affected by king tides, and to protect against future erosion – stay tuned for further info!

Our updated Customer Satisfaction Survey (below), is being sent out to guests a week or so after your visit. If you have visited during 2018 and did not receive our customer survey, you can fill it in here. Please make sure you provide your trips dates, so we can recall the conditions at the time you had visited, your feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you to all of you who have visited us. We look forward to hosting you again in future, as we continue to improve the services and facilities that we offer at Macaronis Resort.


Macaronis Resort Management


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