Child Minding Services

Kids and Family Surf Resort Child Minding Service

As a family friendly surf resort we are happy to offer child minding services to our family guests. Enjoy getting out on the water and relax knowing your children are in safe hands! Child minding services can be purchased in concessions/packages, where the more you purchase the more you save! Guests may purchase concessions prior to arrival or at the resort.

Macaronis Child Minding Family Concessions Pricing

One Family Concession can be used for all children in the same immediate family. One hour for each child being minded will be deducted per hour:

5 hours: Rp500,000 (approx AUD $10/hour)
10 hours: Rp700,000 (approx AUD $7/hour)
20 hours: Rp1,000,000 (approx AUD $5/hour)
40 hours: Rp1,200,000 (approx AUD $3/hour)

Email us at [email protected] for more information or to reserve a nanny for your upcoming reservation!

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  • A parent can purchase a single concession (choose from our options, 5 hours up to 40 hours), and can use it for all the kids in their family, ie. siblings. If two families with kids come together, they will need a package for each family.
  • 1 hour is deducted for EACH CHILD per hour that they are being minded. For example, two children being watched for 5 hours is 10 hours in total.
  • The more hours you purchase at once the less you pay per hour.
  • If a guest wants upward of 40 hours, the 40 hour rate of Rp.30,000/hour (approx. AUD$3/hour) applies to the extras if purchased at the same time.
  • Guests can book credit in advance to be sure of having the nanny available, but if they run out of credit, they can purchase more hours and have them added to their bar bill.
  • Concessions are non-transferrable and non-refundable, even if a portion is unused.