Heaving Hollow Perfection @ Macaronis, August 2017

This clip from Indovibes features Macaronis with deep tubes scored taking off behind the peak, Enjoy!

  • Mentawai Surfing - Greenbush
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    Macaronis Resort – Mid July Action

Macaronis Resort – Mid July Action

Mid July action from Macaronis Resort. We hosted some of our favourite regulars from Sydney’s northern beaches on their annual father and son surf trip. The guys scored great waves and had a cracking time in and out of the water. @IndoVibes

Macaronis Resort – Early July 2017

Enjoy this clip by Ryan Robson , Pumping waves in early July 2017, what a year it has been! Year round perfection…

Macaronis Resort – Late June 2017

Macaronis Resort is Located in the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra Indonesia at the famous wave, Macaronis. Some nice shots of the resort and surroundings in this short clip by Ryan Robson, enjoy!

Macaronis Resort – June Continues to Deliver!

Conditions throughout June continued to satisfy. One particularly standout wipe out on what looked like was going to be an intense but makeable drop, and some nice hollow waves scored by the crew, with some shots of the village tour. Enjoy #Indovibes

Macaronis Resort – June 2017 Barrel Fest

This clip by IndoVibes shows Macaronis as good as it gets, with hollow barrels scored by our more experienced surfers. In the background, and between the swells, are mellower waves and heaps of things to do apart from surfing!

Macaronis Resort – Early June 2017 Perfection

Perfect Conditions continue at Macaronis, just a 5 minute boat ride from Macaronis Resort in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. Wind conditions have remained variable, serving up glassy conditions, some extremely rippable faces and nice barrel riding in this clip by #IndoVibes – Enjoy!

Macaronis Resort – Late May 2017

*If you want to view this Vimeo vid in Indo you need to use Opera Browser with VPN – A continuation of superb conditions that were on display throughout May. We didn’t think it could get much better, but June simply continued to deliver the goods! All the action captured and edited by Indovibes. Macaronis Resort is Located in the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, […]

Macaronis Resort – Mid May 2017

So it continues.  Relentless quality conditions at Macaronis through mid May.  This year is firing, Come join us!  @IndoVibes

May 2017 Perfection at Macaronis Surf Resort

Early May 2017 was outstanding at Macaronis. Back to back swells and light winds created some classic Mentawai surf conditions. Enjoy this selection of the action by @IndoVibes

May Madness at Macaronis Surf Resort

The end of April into the first week of May 2017 at Macaronis Resort. Longtime return guest Fred d’Orey came back to visit, still ripping on his signature red board and schooling the younger crew!
May is looking spectacular with back to back swells on the way to the Mentawai Islands, so stay tuned for more action coming soon!

Film by Julius Wau & Lucas […]

Stoked! April was Solid!

We had high expectations for April, and boy did it deliver! Macaronis has been all-time and looking at the reports, there is plenty more on the way! We’re sure our guests scored the best waves of their lives, especially the crew from Manly Surf School who shredded Macaronis, Rags Right & Greenbush during their stay!

The Best Surf Resort in the World – Macaronis […]

Early April 2017 at Macaronis Surf Resort

Early April served up some superb surfing conditions at Macaronis Resort! The Manly Surf School crew arrived and the level of surfing & froth has gone through the roof! Awesome viewing to get yourself amped for a great upcoming season.
Video & Edit by Lucas Martin

March Medley 2017

Fantastic weather & outstanding surf conditions prevailed through March at Macas – check out the waves scored in this edit!
The end of March winds up our Summer & April will send us barreling into our peak Surf Season. Been thinking about enquiring? Most dates in April & May are full, and some weeks in June, July, August & September are already fully booked […]